Physical Exercises can make your Bones Stronger

physical exercises can make your bones stronger

It is a fact that as you age, your bones start growing weaker. But, physical exercises can make your bones stronger. The fact remains that our bones are living tissues and that is why by doing some physical activities, new bone tissue can be formed. We all know that once we begin to exercise our muscles also pump up and grow stronger. With better muscles, your skin can stay fit and healthy internally and externally. Physical exercises also keep the heart and lungs active.

Physical exercises can make your bones stronger, and here are some exercises that can help.

  • Weight-Lifting: physical exercises can make your bones stronger Well, it is true that weight-bearing activities are effective in making our bones stronger. So any activity that is against the force of gravity can be called a weight-bearing activity. These majorly include Weight-lifting. Weight-lifting pushes your non-weight bearing parts of the body (hands and arms) to exercise and that is what makes your bones stronger.

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  • High impact exercises: physical exercises can make your bones stronger High impact exercises include jumping, running, etc. This helps in growing the bones stronger by stressing the bones. The body in response to this stress makes the bone strong enough to handle the stress. Running can make your legs stronger as it majorly impacts the leg bones. You must not over-do it and try to make it simple. Also, try to avoid having injuries while you’re at it.

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  • Yoga: physical exercises can make your bones stronger As we know, yoga is an exercise that helps our body to balance. You either support the body by balancing on your legs or your arms. Yoga also makes your body even more flexible which means more balancing. Firstly, by learning more about balancing your body can prevent you from falling down easily and secondly, even if you fall, it can cause lesser or negligent damage to bones.

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These physical exercises can make your bones stronger. Apart from the exercises mentioned above you can also try playing tennis, field hockey, basketball, soccer, badminton and other exercises that include running which helps in generating stronger bones.

You must also know that there are more activities like climbing stairs often, hiking, dancing, etc. that can help in making bones stronger.

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