Preventions for Infections in Newborn Children

preventions for infections in newborn children

Here are some ideas for preventions for infection for newborn children. For newborn children, it is easier to be affected with any disease and infections. This is mostly true in cases of newborn babies with either a premature delivery or low weight birth. Infections in newborn babies are also the cause for 1/5th of the total newborn deaths in the entire world.

Also, it has become easier to fight infectious diseases in today’s world rather than how it used to be in the past. You need to be really precautious and maintain a good hygiene to prevent any sort of infections to the newborn babies. There are also some infections which are transmitted to the infant before they are born.

preventions for infections in newborn children

Here are some diseases with which babies can be affected before, during or after birth.

  • Viral: Parvovirus, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Simplex Virus, Chickenpox, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), Hepatitis Viruses, and Rubella Virus.
  • Bacteria: Listeria, Pertussis, Syphilis, and Group B Streptococcus
  • Parasite: Toxoplasmosis

And here are some of the preventing tips.

The first things to keep a check on are using clean hands to assist babies, disinfection, and sterilization of equipment, minimal vaginal examinations, treatment of prolonged labor, and prompt diagnosis. Preventing these infections can help in warranty for exclusive and early breastfeeding, improved maternal nutrition and health, antibiotic prophylaxis, clean cord care, etc. These are treated as one of the many preventions for infections in newborn children.

preventions for infections in newborn children

You can also consult your physician to help in determining the risks your baby can acquire some serious illness before or during the birth of the child. Many advances in medicals have led to some interventions which can help to minimize chances of infections passing in the babies.

You must also follow nationally recommended immunization schedules for both the children and adults. According to science, vaccinations are the single most influential medical intervention in helping to protect young babies from severe diseases. Sometimes even with preventions diseases can be unavoidable and this happens when there is, evolution of drug-resistant strains of diseases, changes in the environment, increase in traveling, inappropriate use of prescribed drugs or lack of attention to personal hygiene.

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