Do you know why are you catching cold frequently?

reasons why you are catching a cold

Are you aware of the reasons why you are catching a cold? There are nearly 200 different types and their strains of viruses that are responsible for cold. Sneeze, sore throat and running nose are significant alarming signs. While some are immune, unfortunately, many of you might be suffering from cold on a frequent basis. A most common form of the cold is the one experienced by the upper respiratory tract.

Rhinovirus the main common cold-causing virus:

Rhinovirus the main common cold-causing virus

Rhinovirus is mainly responsible for people suffering from common cold in winter.

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Mode of virus entry:

  • The virus enters your body from the air that you breathe.
  • Once inside your body, the virus starts replicating itself and traverses down your respiratory linings giving rise to infections.
  • Out of all the three strains of Rhinoviruses, strain C is responsible for severe forms of infections.

Here are some of the reasons why you are catching a cold?

Limited exposure to the outer environment in childhood:

Limited exposure to the outer environment in childhood

As a child, your exposure to bacteria and viruses present in the external environment is essential. This exposure makes your system immune to the infections caused by these microbes.

Non-compliance to personal hygiene:

Non-compliance to personal hygiene

Personal hygiene has the upper hand in protecting you from all forms of infections. Washing hands thoroughly and as often as possible is the best preventive measure to stay protected from unwanted microbes.

Are you stressed?

Are you stressed

Stress could be the next factor to lead your way towards catching common cold. In the conditions of extreme stress, your immune system may undergo a stage of suppression. With the suppressed immune system, cold viruses are able to find their route to your body.

Do you have a good night’s sleep?

Do you have a good night’s sleep

Sleep is essential for staying healthy, fit and active. Missing on your regular sleeping schedule or incomplete sleep could disturb the normal functionality of your immune system making you susceptible to loads of disorders.

Are you eating right?

Are you eating right

Like sleep, a balanced diet plays a supportive yet essential role to emancipate your body from the wrath of diseases. A healthy and balanced diet triggers the immune system to play defensive in case it encounters an attack with any disease-causing microbes.

Finally, you can’t ignore the genetic factors that frequently make you weak:

People suffering from either form of genetic disorders have a suppressed immune response by birth. Besides, lack of adequate dehydration may be responsible for you to catch a common cold.

These are some of the essential reasons why you are catching a cold frequently. Hope, this might help you to take appropriate preventive measures, so next time you do not fall prey to it.  

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