Recover from a cheat day

cheat day

Why not cheat if it actually helps to lose body fat?? Confused?

A cheat day is a must, because when the body gets used to not getting carbohydrates then it starts to store most of the carbohydrates and fats. When you give your body carbohydrates and fats on your cheat day, it releases most of the stored carbohydrates and fats, feeling that you might start eating it every day now but then again you must stop the intake of any other carbohydrates to avoid storing of carbohydrates in the body. This way the amount of carbohydrates present in your body decreases resulting in weight loss.

Recovering from a cheat day can be a little hard, considering that it’s not easy to control the temptation of eating something you ate almost every day.

The day after your cheat day you can simply follow these few things:

Learn the Lesson:

“No one will remember or care that you ate a cupcake.” Use your cheat as a motivation, hold on to it. Manage your false hunger, Eat when your body is hungry.

 Don’t Overdo your Workout:

The next day becomes crucial but you must not workout too much just to burn the calories you gained a day before, you must keep your workout the same. Engage in high-intensity exercises, i.e, choose strength training over cardio.

Say ‘hello’ to proteins and veggies:

You must make sure that the day after any cheat day you must only eat High protein food or veggies. In case you want to have control of yourself you can also eat high protein food on your cheat day and just cheat a meal instead of a ‘Cheat Day’. Cut back on carbohydrates.

Drink Water:

Water solves a million problems and it also helps to lose weight. So hydrate yourself up.


A body can live many days without eating and one should fast once a week, this helps in losing weight. It is not necessary to starve yourself you can eat fruits and drink water or juice without any added salts.

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