Regain confidence with these five ways to reduce hair loss

five ways to reduce hair loss

Hair loss is a grave problem for many of us as we routinely deal with stress. Here we shall be discussing five ways to reduce hair loss. First, let us dig into what hair growth and hair loss are all about.

Hair growth:

Hair growth

Each strand of human hair is blessed with a life cycle which lasts for around 3 to 5 years. It is majorly divided into three different growth phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The first phase is when your hair follicles start marking their presence. In the next step, they undergo a stage titled as resting stage. And the final phase deals with the stage where it no longer wants to stay in the growing phase.

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Hair loss:

Hair loss

Losing around 20 to 25 strands of hairs per day is quite a regular part of a hair growth cycle. On the contrary, if you lose more than this, it might be the time to make a visit to your doctor.

Five ways to reduce hair loss:

Eat right for voluminous hair:

Eat right for voluminous hair

As it works for other parts of our body, hair too needs nourishing inputs. Vitamins and minerals are the major contributors of good and healthy hair. Vitamin A assists in sebum production whereas vitamin B12 supports in hair growth. If you are deficient in biotin concentration, you are bound to struggle from hair thinning and falls.

Inspire yourself for a protein-enriched diet:

Inspire yourself for a protein-enriched diet

Proteins contribute mainly towards hair growth as its fundamental elements. When you eat the right amount of proteins, you shall be blessed with healthy hairs. For the proteinaceous diet, include dairy product intake.

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Have ample water:

Have ample water

As one-third portion of your hair shaft is composed of water, it is quite essential for you to keep yourself well-hydrated. Adhere yourself to a strict routine of having at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.

Scalp massaging:

Scalp massaging

Prefer essential oils for massaging your scalp. The essential oil is potent enough to keep the follicles of your hair in an active growth state. As essential oils are easier for penetration, it shields the follicles from losing on their moisture content.

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Green tea massage:

Green tea massage

Researches highlight the benefits of rubbing green tea on to your scalp. Here, you just need to subject your green tea bag for decoction in water as you do it for your cup of tea. Once done, leave it to attain room temperature. Apply it all around your scalp and later wash it thoroughly.

Experts highlight these five ways to reduce hair loss at home. Try them and do let us know your reviews!

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