Relax your mind soul & body with Yoga

Relax your mind soul & body with Yoga
Staff Pose: Dandasana – Benefits:
Staff Pose: Dandasana
1.Staff Pose, it’s also called Dandasana which helps to improve body posture.
2. Staff pose/ Dandasana also helps to get strengthens back muscles.
3. Staff Pose/ Dandasana Lengthens and stretches the spine.
4. Staff Pose may help to relieve complications related to the reproduction/generative organs.
5. It helps to stretch shoulders and chest.
6. Staff Pose/Dandasna boosts your body’s resistance to back and hip injuries.
7. It also helps calm brain cells.
Standing Forward Bend: Uttanasana: Benefits 
 Standing Forward Bend
1. Standing Forward Bend also called Uttanasana, helps to Stretch the hips, hamstrings, and calves.
2. It also helps to strengthen your thighs and knees.
3. Standing Forward Bend helps to keep your spine strong and gives flexiblity to your body specially to the back
4. Uttanasana helps to reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.
5. Uttanasana helps to keep our mind calm and soothes the nerves.
6. It relieves tension in the spine, neck, and back.
7. Also it helps to activate the abdominal muscles.
Ardha Uttanasana: Standing Half Forward Bend
 Ardha Uttanasana: Standing Half Forward Bend
1. Standing Half Forward Bend Forward also called Ardha Uttanasana helps to stretch and lengthens your hamstrings,    calves, and front and back torso
2. Standing Half Forward Bend also helps in improving posture
3. Practicing this pose stimulates the abdominal organs and belly and also improving digestion
Svarga Dvijasana – Bird of Paradise 
Svarga Dvijasana – Bird of Paradise 
1. Birds of Paradise also know by Svarga Dvijasana it helps to strengthens the standing leg, ankle, knee, and thigh, as well as the hips, pelvis and quadriceps
2. It also helpful for strengthens and tones the legs, improves balance, opens the groins(the area between the abdomen and the upper thigh on either side of the body) and hamstrings.
Utthita  Chakravakasana – Balancing the cat 
Utthita  Chakravakasana – Balancing the cat
1. Utthita Chakravakasana also known by stretches of the extended leg and arm.
2. It helps to strengthen the hips and shoulders.
3. Greatly Improves flexibility and balance.

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