Weight Loss Diet followed by Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Diet

Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Diet – Sara Ali Khan has inspired several women around the entire country. She is one such celebrity who has not hidden any of her problems including PCOD and has brought out a solution that people can take inspiration from.

The Actress is known for her acting, Yes! She is also known as Saif and Amrita’s Daughter, Yes! But, most importantly people know her for her acting and her Weight Loss Journey. Sara Ali Khan has won hearts not only with her remarkable acting skills but also for her amazing happy-go-lucky personality.

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Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Dietsara ali khan

Sara during her debut on ‘Koffee with Karan’ revealed that she has PCOD because of which she gained a lot of weight and then had to work out to reduce it all. She also said that it was PCOS that pushed her to lose weight.

A brief fact about PCOD, also known as PCOS – In a world with a population of 7.7 billion people, nearly 10 million people are affected with PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). This makes the prevalence of PCOD/PCOS around 2.2% to 26% worldwide. In India, almost 9.13% of adult women ranging from 18-45 years have PCOD/PCOS.

Some of PCOD’s side effects also include weight gain, irregular periods, excessive hair growth, and infertility.

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Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Diet

Sara narrated how she turned all chubby and fat while she was abroad for her studies. Later, she finished up her course a year early and started on her Weight Loss Journey. She did not fail to mention that it was really hard for her to avoid the Pizza and Chocolates but she did it all to lose the extra weight she had put on.

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sara ali khan

Here is the Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Diet that could help you in shedding off the extra pounds.

  • A glass of warm water early in the morning.
  • Breakfast – Idli, Egg White, Bread Toast.
  • Lunch –chapatti, dal, salad, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Snacks – A bowl of Upma.
  • Dinner – Chapatis with green vegetables.

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Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Diet

Don’t forget this diet includes only Home-cooked meals and must not include any processed or outside made food. And most importantly, to get rid of the extra weight you must also know that only dieting would not help to lose weight. You also need a workout schedule. Sara Ali Khan also makes a point to workout along with this disciplined diet and that is what entirely helped her in losing weight. Her diet also includes:

  • Before Workout – A bowl of muesli with some fruits and oats.
  • After Workout – Tofu, salads, legumes, protein shakes.

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