Side Effects of Increased Water Consumption

side effects of increased water consumption

Having water is definitely good for our health but is it healthy to consume too much water? Here are some side effects of increased water consumption you must know. Having excess water can cause many health issues. You must limit your water consumption.

Our body is designed to consume around 2 to 3 liters of water in a day, which is nearly 10 to the maximum of 12 glasses of water every day. We all know that excess of anything is bad for our health and so is water. Although, water has several benefits but consuming it in excess can cause certain side effects including death as well. This is because excess water leads to loss of potassium in our body, causing an excess of urination, muscle swelling, headaches, etc…

Here are the major side effects of increased water consumption.

  • Heart: heartExcess water leads to pressure on blood vessels in the heart. This happens when the volume of blood in our vessels increases, which is responsible for pumping blood which becomes difficult for the heart to carry.
  • Swollen cells:swollen cells Excess water dilutes our blood, reducing the proportion of electrolytes in the blood than in the cells. To balance this concentration of electrolytes in blood and cells, water flows into the cell. This causes the cells to swell up and is also dangerous for our body.
  • Brain:brain Low sodium in the blood can cause the brain to swell up causing speech disability, psychosis, disorientation or walking instability and even death.
  • Kidney: kidneyConsuming excess water pressures the kidney to function constantly which causes it to work extra hard in maintaining homeostasis.

Also, know that potassium is an essential nutrient of our body and any lack of it will lead to chest pains, leg pains, and other irritation issues. We’re telling you this because excess water washes off the amount of potassium in our body.

These were some of the major side effects of increased water consumption. Read more on Benefits of Coconut Milk and Benefits of Turmeric Milk.

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