Side Effects of Lemon

side effects of lemon

Although Lemon is added to water and is served as beverage, but this does not indicate that there are no side effects of lemon. It’s also true that having lemon water is really beneficial in eliminating fluids and sodium quicker than usual.

Having too much of lemon water can also make you feel dehydrated, after which you should consider cutting down on it and have more of water instead. You must be very careful of not having lemon water to treat your medical illness without consulting your doctors.

Here are some major side effects of lemon.

  • Tooth Enamel:tooth enamel Lemons have acids in huge amounts which can cause tooth enamel if consumed a lot. You can try consuming lemon water every morning and make sure that you brush and floss regularly like twice a day.
  • Canker Sores:canker sores The sores in our mouth which are also recognized as the base of our gum is in pain. Adding lemons can be a huge mistake. The amount of citric acid in lemons can worsen the sores and causes more pain than good. You must avoid anything with citric acids for your canker sores to heal.
  • Heartburn and Ulcers:heartburn and ulcers Lemons trigger heartburn in people by activating pepsin which is an enzyme present in the stomach that helps in breaking proteins. Lemon juices can also worsen ulcers, a condition due to excessive acidic digestive juices and like we know lemons will definitely make it worse.
  • Vomits and Nauseous:vomits and nauseous Lemons are high in vitamin C but it is equally important for you to know that too many nutrients can also cause nausea and in some rare cases vomiting as well. This is also applicable to detoxified diets.
  • Urination: urinationLemon juices act as diuretic which increases the amount of urine output, which if goes overboard we end up feeling dehydrated. Also, acidic fruits like lemon also irritate the bladder which can again lead to more urine output.
  • Excess Iron: Vitamin C like we know encourages absorption of iron in our body. Having too much of lemon can increase the level of iron in the blood and too much iron can be dangerous to our health. It becomes a threat to the internal organs of our body.
  • Migraine: Experts believe that Citrus in fruits can trigger migraines which is why some doctors recommend to avoid lemon juice for migraine patients.
  • Sunburns: Heading in the sun with lemon juice on our skin can cause dark spots and blisters on the skin. Not that it is really that important but for general knowledge, it is the psoralens chemical present in lemon juice which actually interacts with the sunlight and causes the sunburn.

These were some major side effects of lemon and you must know that it does also have certain benefits.

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