Depression signs: Signs and Symptoms that you need help

signs and symptoms that you need help

Do you ever wonder, what are the signs and symptoms that you need help? Or how would you know that you need help from someone to manage some of the emotional and other aspects of your life? Well, it is not wrong to ask yourself such a question. This question is what helps bring clarity about a person’s mental health and wellness. It has nothing to be ashamed of or worried about and is a question that you must ask yourself if you have the signs and symptoms that might hamper with your mental health and wellness.

signs and symptoms that you need help

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Signs and Symptoms that you need help

It is evident that no one really knows what goes wrong because the signs and symptoms pop out of nowhere. But here are some signs and symptoms that you should notice and keep a check on to know that you need some external help.

Sleep and Appetite Changes

signs and symptoms that you need help

You may think that no one regularly follows the same sleep pattern and have the same appetite. But drastic changes in sleep and appetite are not such a good sign for your mental and physical health. This is because every part of the body is used to following a pattern. A sudden change in diet and sleep timings disturbs the body processes, causing changes in several body parts, both internally and externally, which could have a negative impact on the body. So, if you realize that you are having sleep-related issues like you can’t sleep for days together, get awake many times during the night, find it difficult to fall asleep and/or appetite-related issues like you lose appetite or suddenly start eating lot more than you have been eating, sudden cravings for junk or sweet food, its time to take notice. 

Mood Changes

signs and symptoms that you need help

Dramatic shifts in emotions or depressed feelings can hamper with mental health. This happens when in one moment a person feels happy and satisfied but in just the next moment the person is disturbed and feels anxiety, stress, or fear. These extreme shifts in emotions are not right and must be dealt with in time. A little change in mood is ok as per the circumstances, but if you notice extreme mood changes, then it’s time to do something about it.

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Signs and Symptoms that you need help

Feeling Disconnected

signs and symptoms that you need help 

Sometimes the feeling of dis-connectivity with family or friends can play a huge role in mental health and wellness. This is because every human being desires human affection and touch. When a person does not feel connected or in place, there are more chances of them feeling lonely, even among a crowd full of people. If you realize that you have suddenly started liking to be left alone, avoiding interacting with people in general, like to stay indoors rather than getting out of the house, avoiding going out even for essentials, then these are not the right signs of health. Seek help.

Other signs and symptoms that you need help

signs and symptoms that you need help

  • Withdrawing or loss of interest in activities that one usually enjoyed. This can also include an unusual drop in functioning at school, work, or any other social activities.
  • A problem in thinking. A person who needs help will probably have problems concentrating, memorizing, and even face trouble in logical thought processes.
  • Apathy. A person cuts down on taking initiatives or desire to participate in activities.
  • Unusual behavior. If a person starts behaving oddly and that in turn affects their ability to study, work, or relate to others, then they might need help.
  • Self-loathing. You suddenly start thinking of being worthless, of no importance or help to anyone. Criticize yourself for the smallest mistakes and holding yourself responsible for each and everything going wrong around you, be it home or work.
  • Restlessness – You always feel restless.
  • Aches & Pains – You start having body aches or pains, cramps that come suddenly, and last longer than usual.

If you feel the one or more of the above symptoms, seek help. Discuss your problems with your family or friends or seek professional help. Life is too precious and we all must do whatever possible to stay healthy – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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