Simple Steps to Prevent Stroke

simple steps to prevent stroke

Stroke basically is a mental condition in which a poor blood flow till the brain results in the death of cells. It majorly affects the arteries that lead to our brain causing a lot of damage if not prevented. Strokes are more common in people with heavy weight or high blood pressure, etc…

You can find simple steps to prevent stroke. Here is how…

  • Lose Weight: simple steps to prevent strokeYou must try and keep a low calorie diet and must exercise regularly to maintain a stable weight if you are fat. On the other hand, if you are too thin then you must eat to make yourself healthy. Maintaining the right weight can help in preventing and lowering the risk of stroke.

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  • Lower Blood Pressure:simple steps to prevent stroke A high blood pressure can increase double or triple the risk of stroke in our body. This is why maintaining your blood pressure can help in preventing stroke. This is why you must treat your blood pressure at the right time and should bring it lower in cases of high blood pressure.
  • More Exercises: simple steps to prevent strokeAgain exercises, like we know contribute in weight loss and lowering blood pressure. It also helps the body internally. You must join a fitness club or a yoga group because these can help in reducing your weight which would help in preventing strokes.

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  • Limit Drinking Alcohol: simple steps to prevent strokeIt is true that drinking can help in lowering your risk of stroke. But, the fact is that drinking only a glass of alcohol helps in preventing stroke. If you intake more than one glass of alcohol then your chances of having a stroke shoot up high. So, limit your drinks by one a day maximum.
  • Quit Smoking: simple steps to prevent strokeClot formation is a common symptom of smoking and you must avoid smoking because it accelerates clot formations in our body. Clots thicken our blood and also causes plague buildups in arteries. This simple ‘quit smoking’ can majorly help in reducing the risk of stroke and will help you in attaining the most powerful lifestyle change.

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  • Treating Diabetes: simple steps to prevent strokeOne of the simple steps to prevent stroke is to treat your diabetes. Diabetes can cause a high level of sugar content in your blood which damages the blood vessels by forming clots inside the blood vessel. You must consult your doctor and try to minimize your blood sugar while suffering from diabetes. There are some common ways that you can follow to treat you diabetes and they are:- dieting, exercising, and medication.

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