Six low-calorie foods for faster weight loss

Obesity is the leading health issue around the globe. Having a body with not an extra inch of fat is a real game in today’s time. Maintaining a good figure and keeping a track on the calories has been a widely practised procedure now-a-days. While the world is moving towards a hi-tech era, physical activity is losing its existence which is one of the major reasons for excessive weight gain. Although exercising is the first and foremost step you must take, add these low-calorie foods for faster weight loss.

Have a look at what you can have to speed up the weight loss:

1. Celery


Rich in water contain, these green coloured sticks make a great snack without making you feel guilty. 100gms of serving provides you with 16kcal.Having a good amount of fire, it leaves you feeling full for a long time.

2. Mushrooms


These fungi knows how to avoid being high on calories. It has fairly high amount of protein, is a good source of fibre and has many other nutrients too. Be gentle with the butter or oil while sauteing, 100 gms of mushrooms provide 38 kcal.

3. Cabbage


Famous for its cancer fighting properties, cabbage can be consumed raw, in salads, or soups. Either ways, you end up having low caloric food which aids in burning fat. Per 100gm of servings gives 25kcal.

4. Asparagus


Being one of the favorite side dish item, asparagus is not only low-calorie food but has fibre which fulfils your satiety. Eat it raw, steamed or grilled, 100 gms of serving provides 20kcal.

5. Cucumber


Juicy, rich in water content, cucumber is famous amongst the veggies as best salad item, providing only 16 kcal per 100 gms of serving. Cucumber can help quench your thirst thereby preventing snacking in between the meals.

6. Watermelon


This red, summer fruit is the sweetest thing you can have while keeping a track on your calorie. Rich in antioxidant and boosting your metabolism, this is a must have fruit when you think of shedding those extra fat. 100 gms of serving provides 30kcal.

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