Sleep Paralysis in a Nutshell

Sleep Paralysis causes and preventions

Here are some of the Sleep Paralysis causes and preventions. Over the centuries, sleep paralysis has been associated with supernatural beings. The concept of sleep paralysis has been misguiding those with a robust blind belief in supernatural things. In reality, sleep paralysis results from the inability of movement as soon as one wakes up from a good night sleep.

What leads to sleep paralysis

What leads to sleep paralysis?

Coming back to Sleep Paralysis causes and preventions, researches worked out on sleep paralysis highlights the fact that every four out of ten people are prone to develop sleep paralysis. It shows an association with genetic factors. Some of the other factors leading to sleep paralysis are lack of sufficient sleep, and changes in sleeping patterns, stress and bipolar disorders.

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Some of the expected triggers of sleep paralysis are sleep deprivations, sleep apnea and for that matter some medications. The medications explicitly prescribed or ADHD shows promising developments of sleep paralysis. Further, narcolepsy, post-traumatic stress disorders, and panic disorders also show an affinity towards sleep paralysis.

Effects of sleep paralysis:

Effects of sleep paralysis

The brain witnesses vivid dreams when a person is in the phase of rapid eye movement sleep. In contradiction to the brain activities, other body muscles switch off their working. A person waking up before the completion of REM experiences sleep paralysis. This is the state when the person is conscious but, his consciousness lacks support from the rest of his body.

When a person experiences sleep paralysis while falling asleep, it is referred to as hypnagogic sleep paralysis. On the contrary, sleep paralysis that accompanies while waking up is seen to as the hypnopompic sleep paralysis.

Prevention or Cure of Sleep Paralysis:

Prevention or Cure of Sleep Paralysis

Majority of the sleep paralysis patients shows no affinity towards treatment measures. All they need is proper implementation of preventive and treatment of any of the root causes leading towards sleep apnea.

Here are some of the essential preventive measures suggested by the professionals:

  • Improvising on the sleeping patterns: In addition to those suffering from the wrath of sleep apnea, it is must for all of us to emphasize on having a sleep of around 8 hours at night. Rest is mandatory for the efficient functioning of brain activities and to restore its efficiency for next day co-ordination.
  • Usage of anti-depressant medications has proven to be beneficial in such instances. Consult your physician ahead of self-starting any anti-depressant medication.
  • In case, the person is suffering from any mental illness, it is essential to address it at the first stage to get rid of the sleep apnea such as narcolepsy and cramps in legs.

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