Smoking Hookah vs. Cigarette: What kills you fast?

Smoking hookah vs. cigarette

Smoking hookah vs. cigarette – This has been an age-old debate between Smoking hookah vs. cigarette, However, with the latest research contributions, potent signs of unveiling the deadliest out of two now seems to be in its final stage of conclusion.

Smoking hookah vs. cigarette

Researchers hailing from the University of California (Los Angeles) have something to share with those millions of people addicted to either or both.

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Important facts regarding hookah:

Important facts regarding hookah

  • There is a significant rise in the number of hookah smokers.
  • Pens and steam stones are the new variants of electronic hookahs.
  • Smoking hookah is associated with the development of cancerous tissues and cardiovascular disorders.
  • Researchers worked out on the babies of hookah smoking women, either weigh less or are prone to respiratory disorders.

Health risks associated with smoking:

Health risks associated with smoking

  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Cancers
  • Preterm delivery and stillbirth
  • The low weight of the child on birth
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Statistics in conjunction with smoking hookah vs. cigarettes:

Statistics in conjunction with smoking hookah vs. cigarettes

  • If the person is a non-daily hookah smoker, his one smoke of hookah is equivalent to two cigarettes.
  • On the contrary, for a daily hookah smoker, one hookah smoke corresponds to ten cigarettes.
  • Constant exposure to hookah for around 60 minutes contributes to 40-400 cigarettes smoked.
  • A session of 60 minutes of hookah smoking delivers around 50 liters of smoke in comparison to 0.5 liters smoke produced by one cigarette.
  • Out of the 4000 chemicals contained in a single cigarette, 40 are carcinogens.

Present smoking hookah vs. cigarette research findings:

Present smoking hookah vs. cigarette research findings

Scientists working on the current analysis highlighted the fact that hookah-puffing of around 30 minutes daily opens your door for cardiovascular diseases. This side effect is more harmful in comparison to those that smoke cigarettes.

Thus, the research analysis contradicts the manufacturing claims of electronic hookahs labeling it as less harmful than their traditional counterparts.

The research involved around 48 participants; all young and energetic.

Blood pressure, heart rate, blood nicotine levels, and exhaled levels of carbon monoxide before and after hookah smoke were evaluated.

Critical examination of the results obtained exhibits an increase in the levels of blood pressure and heart rate. The rate of increase is 16 beats per minute.

Notably, there was an increase in the arterial stiffness. Arterial stiffness is one of those crucial factors that triggers cardiovascular disorders.

Perhaps other studies focusing on the ongoing debate highlights hookah as a healthier alternative to cigarettes.  

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