Healthy eating habits: 6 Ways to prevent stress eating

stress eating

Stress Eating is a way of eating in which one consumes food in response to feelings of stress even when they are not hungry. It is when stress, and not your body, dictates when and how much food to eat.

stress eating

How to stop stress eating?

With the ongoing pandemic scare, most people are getting on with unhealthy habits due to stress of lockdowns. Stress Eating is becoming the number one on the list but can be resolved with the help of few tips as mentioned below:

6 Ways to prevent stress eating

  • Reason for over-eating: The first right thing to reduce stress eating is to understand why its happening in the first place. Find out the reason you are compelled to overeat. When you find yourself munching frequently, simply ask yourself if you are hungry or not. Pay attention to how you feel.

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Tips to avoid stress eating – stress eating cure

stress eating

  • Don’t give in to Temptation: Leave tempting things out of your sight. You must take charge and place unhealthy things away from the kitchen. This helps in not falling prey to unhealthy tempting food. Visual exposure plays with the brain and modulates impulse control, which further leads to increased cravings and overeating during stress.
  • Maintain a healthy schedule to eat: You must keep your eating schedules normal, even when you are at home. This helps in keeping control of diet and maintains normalcy in eating. It is extremely important that you maintain a regular eating pattern.

Tips to avoid stress eating – stress eating cure

  • Do not restrict: Yes, one must not restrict themselves from eating any type of food. Logic is simple, when you restrict yourself from eating something, then during stress-eating, that exact thing becomes your choice of munching.

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More ways to prevent stress-eating:

stress eating

  • Plan your meals all by yourself: This will help in making you understand food and its reaction to your body. When you tend to make your own meals, it pays off by improving your health eventually.
  • Hydration is key: Being stuck at home gives you all the more time to focus on healthy habits. So, while you’re at it, make sure you focus on maintaining proper hydration. It also helps in preventing stress. A lot of times, when you feel hungry or feel tempted to eat something, your body is simply dehydrated and needs some water. So, next time you want to grab that unhealthy snack, drink in a glass of water and this will do the trick.

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Still if you want to munch on something unhealthy once in a while, trick is to put some of the stuff in a plate or bowl, move far away from the packet of that snack, and enjoy it without feeling guilty about it. No, don’t go in for the second helping.

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