Summer Coolers – Recipe for Lemon Water, Lassi & Sattu drink

Summer Coolers – Recipe for Lemon Water, Lassi & Sattu drink

Are you suddenly short of breath when outdoors? Do you feel totally sapped of energy by the end of the day? Are you finding it difficult to workout with the same intensity as you used to? Yes, you are facing typical summer fatigue.

While the world talks about many hydrating drinks; in India the following 3 win hands down:

Nimbu pani (Lime/Lemon water)

Nimbu pani not only hydrates you and replenishes essential salts if you add rock salt, sugar or honey and herbs but also tones the skin and improves digestion. For people who workout, the alkaline effect supports good health. Your muscles don’t cramp and if taken with warm water, lemon juice quickly replenishes lost fluids and boosts the immune system. When taken with hot water, it’s proven to be very helpful not only in weight loss but also in managing the weight.

Lemon being high in potassium, it’s good for the nerve functions as also the heart health. It helps in digestion and cleanses our body by removing toxins.Lemon water is also very effective in dealing with viral infections and sore throat. It is also a good source of Phosphorus, Magnesium and Citric acid. It also dissolves uric acid thereby reducing inflammation and pain in knees and joints.

A quick recipe of Lemon water is to simply mix lemon, sugar/honey and rock salt in cold or warm water. Add mint or any other herb for flavours and adding to its benefits.

Lassi or the thinner version Butter milk / chaach / chaas

Lassi, an age-old Indian drink, prepared with yogurt (dahi) is one of the most beneficial health drinks during summer. It helps in the digestion of food as it promotes digestive enzymes. Lassi is also useful if you are facing stomach bloating problem. It prevents constipation and other stomach disorders.

Lassi has protein, calcium, carbohydrates, riboflavin and Vitamin A&B in good quantity. Its a boon for people who have to stay outdoor in heat. When added with cardamom and cinnamon powder, it helps improve appetite. Being probiotic in nature, Lassi has good bacteria which helps improve metabolism, reduce cholesterol and also aids intestines absorb the nutrients quickly and easily.

A quick recipe of Lassi is to churn the yogurt, add cold water, some rock salt (sugar if you like it sweet), little black pepper powder and a pinch of roasted cumin seed power. Mix well and drink it to your heart’s content.

Sattu drink

Sattu, the powder of roasted gram flour has become very popular due to its immense health benefits. Typically being used in Indian villages to beat the heat, it has now made way into the urban households. It has an instant cooling effect on the body. Often referred to as ‘poor man’s protein’ it has many other health benefits as well. In old days the process of preparing sattu at home would involve dry roasting of Bengal gram and then pounding this till it turned into powder. By adding more grains like barley, wheat, etc. its nutritional value can be improved manifolds. Sattu powder is now easily available in the open market.

Sattu quickly replenishes extra vitamins and proteins that are required by women during pregnancy and menstruation. Being full of energy sources, it not only keeps the youth active but also helps in maintaining their skin in good condition. Being very helpful in digestion, it is beneficial for old people as well. It also helps in fighting gastro related problems which are very common in people of old age.

A quick recipe of sattu water is to mix sattu powder with cold water, add little lemon juice, crushed mint leaves, rock salt, black pepper and roasted cumin powder.

Now that you have some quick and easy recipes and remedies at hand, go ahead and enjoy the summer.

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