Ten principles of Yoga

Ten principles of Yoga

Yoga is not a fitness routine or a fad diet; it is neither an exercise form nor a crash course to your dream figure. Yoga is a lifestyle that empowers human beings from inside, giving them motivation and make necessary changes in life so as to be not only in a better place physically but also in a better state, mentally. To abide by this yoga lifestyle, you need to know the ten principles of yoga that runs it as per Patanjali.

  1. Ahimsa – Non-Violence

Ahimsa Non Violence

Yoga promotes inner peace and non-violence which means that there shouldn’t be any killing of beings.

  1. Satya – Truthfulness

Satya Truthfulness

This principle states that one shouldn’t lie, it not only creates an aura of dishonesty but it also gives you a convenience which is never good. One should lie only in very justifiable situation like your little lie can save someone’s life but not unless then.

  1. Asteya – Righteousness

Being a yogi means that you don’t look for shortcuts and unfair means of success, you should be right. You shouldn’t steal and cheat and this not only implies to the material things but also to opportunities.

  1. Brahmacharya – Wisdom


Try to attain inner happiness and peaceby finding the spiritual focus and not become one of those people who only serve for money. Take time to admire, enjoy and embrace the beauty of life.


  1. Aparigraha – Simplicity


Live modestly outwards and richly inwards. Don’t let material possessions define you, rather enjoy the things that define inner peace like honesty, truthfulness, staying away from vices like greed and anger.

  1. Saucha – Worship


Make a routine of worshipping the God you believe in, which will ensure that you don’t wander away from your spiritual goal. This can be either lighting a Diya, bowing down in front of a statue or recite some mantras..can be anything.

  1. Santosha – Contentment


Learn to be content with whatever you have and not always yearn and cry for what you don’t. This does not mean that you don’t make higher goals or strive to improve yourself personally or professionally. Keep working to improve yourself but feel grateful and take time to enjoy whatever you have.

  1. Tapas – Self-discipline


To attain anything in life, a career, a fit body, a nice habit or anything, one has to be disciplined.Self discipline means a strong determination, embracing the struggles that come in your way and not giving up on your goal.

  1. Svadhyaya – Reading


This is a virtue that everyone should develop to let your mind and body align towards enlightenment. Don’t restrict your reading to only the books, but also learn to read yourself, your actions and reactions to the situations as also observe other beings.

  1. IshvaraPranidhana – Surrender


Surrender to the Supreme power and acknowledge the strength of that power. This faith will keep you on the right path and help you believe in yourself. This doesn’t mean that you stop working, but Karma is important while that Supreme divine power will take care of the rest.

Try to imply as many of the above as you can in your life.

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