Why blood veins in your wrist blue?

the blood veins in the wrist are blue

The blood in our body is red in color, however, the blood veins in the wrist are blue in color. While some people relate it to the presence of deoxygenated blood in the veins, you must understand that the blood veins are actually red in color. However, the color of the veins in the wrist seems to be blue due to many phenomenon working in the field of optics and the psychological mind.

the blood veins in the wrist are blue

The blood veins in the wrist are blue because when you see your veins through your eyes, the light first penetrates through the skin to reach the veins that reflect the color back that again passes the skin and reaches the eyes. It must be noted that Veins are large and have thin walls than the arteries. They not only perform the function of transporting the blood back to the heart but also hold about 3/4th of the blood present in the body at a given time. Therefore, they may be called a blood reservoir as well that justifies their large size.

Given below are some crucial points to deeply understand the concept of Blood veins seeming blue:

1 – The optical properties of both skin and blood reveal that skin does not absorb much light at any wavelength that makes it look exactly the color it has. On the other hand, Blood is a good absorbent of the light of all the wavelengths except the red part of the spectrum.

2 – Red and blue lights do not penetrate into the skin. Now, if there is a vessel present near the skin’s surface, it tends to absorb all the blue light. The red light reflects only 1/4th of it. Therefore, you may observe that the vessels near the skin have a red color.

3 – Also, for deeper vessels, it must be noted that red and blue both the lights fail to penetrate and with the influence of relative color perception, your veins exhibit blue color to the person seeing it from outside. There will be no light reflected for deeper veins as it will already get reflected before coming in contact with the blood.

4 – This blue color is due to the location of the veins being located near to the surface of the skin, even if you could locate arteries, they would look blue too.

Thus, the location of veins and the relative color perception is the main cause behind the color of veins being blue in the wrist.

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