Things to keep in your bag


“You must not leave home without these necessary products.”

Not always can you carry everything in your bags, sometimes you don’t have enough space and sometimes it’s totally empty! You can also add more stuff to your list of things to keep in your bag, but these are some basics that should always be in your bag, whether it’s a party for a social gathering or for any family night out with parents or other siblings. We also know that we will never get a second chance to make the first impression.!! So you must decide what things to keep in your bag accordingly.

  • Mints

You definitely don’t want anyone telling you that you have a bad breath. So start keeping mints or chewing gums in your bag.

  • Pocket perfumes

Fragrance attracts most people, you would prefer to smell good than to give a bad impression on someone because you were smelling.

  • Hairbrush

Hair needs to be taken care of and bad hair doesn’t give a really good impression so its good to carry a hairbrush at all times.

  • Makeup

It is not necessary for you to pack all your makeup but just a few items that you need for your touch up, like, a compac, lip balm, mascara, etc… Wear some lip shade that is nice and elegant, and not too bright for office or any other work.

  • Pins-safety pins & hairpins

You definitely don’t want to become a victim of wardrobe malfunctions, for precaution, it is better to keep safety pins. Hairpins are equally necessary for us because we might want to tie them nicely anytime according to last minute plans.

  • Tissue

Sometimes you catch a cold and sneezes can become ugly if you don’t have a tissue with yourself. You can use it to clean up your hands as well.

  • Face wipes

It is a good idea to keep a set of wet face wipes with yourself just in case you want to clean up your face.

  • Hand sanitizer & lotion

It is always good to have a sanitizer if you are planning to eat out. A hand lotion is a good idea because it makes your hand look good and handled.

  • Wallet

It is better to keep your cash and cards in a wallet.

  • Snacks & water

Start carrying a protein bar or some snacks which are good for your diet and have them when you’re hungry.

  • Charger

There are times when we need our phone so it’s better to keep a charger with ourselves in case the phone’s battery dies.

  • Sunglasses

Sometimes the sun makes the eye watery and to avoid that, you should keep a pair of sunglasses in your bag.

  • Pads

You can never be sure about your dates and should keep 2 pads just in case.

You don’t need to put so much pressure but just pack all this and leave it in your bag for once and see how it will change your way of living. You will definitely lead a healthy and happy life.

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