Things to Avoid in Pregnancy – What not to eat in Pregnancy

things to avoid in pregnancy

While you have got the good news, here are some things to avoid in Pregnancy that we will make you aware of today. Pregnancy is one of the most important, happy and sensitive moments of a woman’s life. Therefore, it is very important for pregnant women to eat healthy food, drink safe, and do proper exercise. For their own health and for the health of their baby, expecting mothers have to keep certain things in mind about what to eat, how to sleep, and many more. So, here are a few things to avoid in pregnancy.

things to avoid in pregnancy

Here is what not to eat during Pregnancy…

Shellfish or Raw meat

Uncooked seafood including mussels and oysters should be avoided. Pregnant women should avoid these food items as they are contaminated with toxoplasmosis or salmonella and can discomfort mother and baby.

Deli meat

Deli meats contain listeria that can infect your developing baby. An infection in utero could be life-threatening for your baby.

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What not to eat during Pregnancy – Things to Avoid in Pregnancy

Raw eggs

Pregnant women should avoid eating raw eggs as it can increase the risk of salmonella (a bacterial disease that affects the intestinal tract).


Papaya is very dangerous to consume during pregnancy. Nutritionists and experts advise to strictly avoid unripe papaya during pregnancy.


Pineapple contains bromelain, which can cause miscarriage. It is believed that pineapple can get your body heated up which can cause premature birth.


Some imported soft cheeses have listeria, so soft cheeses like feta, gorgonzola should be avoided.

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What not to eat during Pregnancy – Things to Avoid in Pregnancy

Fennel and Fenugreek Seeds

You can eat a small number of fenugreek seeds for taste but eating it in large amounts should be avoided. These seeds contain high measures of phytoestrogens, which have the potential to stimulate menstruation.

Unpasteurized dairy

Usually, dairy products are healthy, but sometimes these products contain listeria which can be harmful. So, always use pasteurized milk, preferably after boiling them at home.

Avoid caffeine

Consuming high caffeine will increase your blood pressure, heart rate, and the number of times you make to the restroom which can be very dangerous for the baby. So, try to avoid caffeine or limit the amount of caffeine intake.

Don’t take too many medications

Some medications can be very harmful to your growing baby. Before taking any medicine always consult your doctor. Take medicines and supplements only that are prescribed by your doctor.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcoholic drinks during your pregnancy can harm your developing baby’s brain and organs. So, you need to stop drinking alcohol.

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What not to eat during Pregnancy

Consuming alcohol can increase the risk of:

  • birth defects
  • miscarriage
  • premature birth
  • fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

Stop smoking

Smoking is terrible for you and your baby during pregnancy as it can lead to:

  • Miscarriage
  • Low birth weight
  • Premature delivery

Habits you should change during pregnancy

Skip hot tub or sauna

If you’re feeling any pain during your pregnancy, relaxing in a hot tub may seem ideal but it elevates the body temperature during the first trimester which can lead to birth defects. Instead, try to take a warm bath.

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Things to Avoid in Pregnancy

Don’t sit or stand for too long

Staying in the same position for too long during pregnancy can cause swollen ankles and vein problems. Try to take short breaks frequently or put your legs up if you’ve been on your feet.

Avoid wearing stilettos

If you want to wear heels during pregnancy, stick to a 3-inch or fewer heels. Wedges, thick kitten heels, and platform heels are best. Avoid pencil heels. High heels would put more strain on your already strained back.

Amusement park rides

Many amusement parks do not allow pregnant women on some rides, including roller coasters as the jarring motion of these rides can cause placental abruption.

Heavy lifting

Pregnant women should avoid heavy lifting as it increases the risk of:

  • Hernias
  • Low birth weight

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