Health and Wellness Tips for Body Positivity

tips for body positivity

Today, well let you know some tips for body positivity. But first, lets understand what Body positivity is. Body positivity is a social movement that is rooted in the belief that all human beings, fat or thin, marks or not, tall or short, should have a positive body image.

tips for body positivity

There is no doubt that people face challenges by the ways in which society presents and views the physical body, but moving on from it with positivity in the head is the goal. Body positivity advocates acceptance of all body types, regardless of physical ability, size, gender, race, or appearance.

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Tips for Body Positivity – Health and Wellness Tips

Put up positive notes for yourself on the mirror

tips for body positivity

The fact is that we experience the most body hate in front of the mirror. To stay away from the negatives, you can try posting positive notes on your mirrors like, I am enough”, I love my body”, and Im beautiful”.

Avoid scaling yourself when possible

Weighing yourself can sometimes become an obsession. This way, the scale starts taking power over your happiness and your self-worth. But here is what you need to remember, the number on the scale does not define your worth. It only tells you your relationship with the gravity of the earth.

Dont de-motivate yourself

tips for body positivity

Remember, if you dont say it to your friend, you should not say it to yourself. Treat your body like your best friend. This way you can find a way to pull up yourself and rise above the negatives easily.

Learn to accept compliments

tips for body positivity

Do you ever compliment your body for the incredible things it helps you with? Your body does several things like breathing, digesting, walking, dancing, laughing, and much more. So show some appreciation and build a positive body image. It is effective and helps in avoiding negative thoughts that compare you to others.

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Tips for Body Positivity – Health and Wellness Tips

Donate clothes that don’t fit you

tips for body positivity

Clothes that don’t fit you have a way of torturing your mind. You must not take that hate from yourself and donate things that don’t fit you. Rather, buy something that makes you feel great and confident about yourself.

Ask yourself if body-hate is helping

Sometimes it is good to put yourself through self-criticism but not asking how its helping you is a major problem. If criticism makes you feel better and motivates you to bring positive changes, only then should you continue it. Remember that if it doesn’t help you in any way, you need to stop it immediately and find other ways to accept and make a difference.

Don’t compare

Your body is unique and you need to accept that. Neither you nor anyone else can have any other body except your/their own. Our bodies change significantly as we grow older and it is normal and absolutely healthy to not look like what we looked like 3-5 years ago.

Find people that support you

tips for body positivity

It is necessary for you to be around people who try to uplift you rather than make you regret the way you look. Body positivity is not something that you can incorporate in yourself, living around people who discourage you. You will need a positive environment and people around yourself to build a positive space where you feel yourself outshine.

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