Tips for Oral Health – How to keep your teeth and gums healthy

tips for healthy teeth and gums

Let’s discuss some tips for healthy teeth and gums. It is true that most of us try hard to look our best but are we doing enough to maintain our oral health? Oral Health matters because that is the first thing that people see when they look at you. Your smile is what brings out the vibe inside of you and having bad oral health might just land up giving a bad first impression.

tips for healthy teeth and gums

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Tips for healthy teeth and gums

We know that there isn’t anything that looks happier than a healthy and confident smile. Right? And for that, it is important that you must maintain your oral health and hygiene with these simple tips for healthy teeth and gums.


tips for healthy teeth and gums

Flossing helps in removing plaque and food that is stuck beyond your toothbrush’s reach. You must floss once every day. This helps in clearing your mouth and keeps it from affecting your teeth and your gums.

Regular Dental Cleaning

tips for healthy teeth and gums

It is only correct to say that your dentist is the first person to see any symptoms of teeth and gum diseases. This is why it is important that you must regularly get check-ups done, at least once in six months. It is also true that professional cleaning is the only way to remove tartar.

Quit Smoking

tips for healthy teeth and gums

Smoking is associated with gum diseases. Not only does it weaken your immune system, but it also makes it harder for you to fight gum infections.

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Brush twice a day

tips for healthy teeth and gums

Yes, this is a common saying, but do you actually brush your teeth twice a day? Well, that’s one truth only you know. But hey, better now than never. Start brushing your teeth twice a day before you start regretting not starting to do it.

Use a toothpaste with Fluoride

tips for healthy teeth and gums

From so many options of toothpaste to choose from, how do you know which one to pick? It is simple, just look for a toothpaste with fluoride in its content. 

Use a mouthwash

tips for healthy teeth and gums

Again, mouthwash helps in reducing plaque, prevents and reduces gingivitis, and also reduces the speed of tartar development. But keep your facts checked – You can never replace your mouthwash with flossing or brushing.

Limit sugary food and starches

tips for healthy teeth and gums

This is one important point that we thought of mentioning, in the end, to make you realize where it all goes wrong. Consuming sugar can lead to cavities and that can have a very adverse effect on your dental/oral health and hygiene. This happens with all foods that contain starch, including bread, pasta, or even chips. If you are wondering how? Well, this can cause tooth decay and that is how it can worsen your oral health and hygiene. It would probably be the best idea for you to avoid as much sugary food and drinks as you can. Replace your sugary drinks with water.

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