10 Parenting Tips during tough times like COVID-19 to help children grow in a safer environment

tips for parents during covid 19

Today we’ll tell you some tips for parents during covid 19. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, families around the world have turned upside down. From the closure of schools to working remotely from home in order to maintain social distancing, there is a lot to navigate for everyone in every household, especially for parents. This is why today we will talk about the various helpful tips for parents during covid 19.

tips for parents during covid 19

How to take care of things at home – tips for parents during covid 19

The fear, uncertainty, and staying at home due to COVID-19 has troubled many people in India in the past 4 months. But what saves the day is to keep a sense of calm and instigate the same in your child’s mind. It is important to keep your children safe by keeping healthy routines, managing their behavior and most of all, building resilience.

And in order to keep a happy and healthy environment for children at home, here are tips for parents during covid 19 that you will need:

Educate your kids about the Pandemic

tips for parents during covid 19

Discussion about the realities of the pandemic with your kids is a must. You should make sure that you convey all facts and figures but you should also limit watching the news too much as it can result in building up anxiety in kids. Remember that honesty and openness are key during times like these because there is a lot roaming on the internet which is available to all, even your kid.

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Coronavirus parenting tips – tips for parents during covid 19

Healthy and balanced diet

tips for parents during covid 19

A healthy and balanced diet is necessary for kids to build immunity. You must focus on things like providing a proper diet for kids, making sure they don’t skip meals, eat in portions, and drink lots of water. When it is time for the meal, make sure your kids wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. Also cut down junk food and sugary drinks which are supposed to be taken occasionally. When it comes to food, your child’s meal should be multi-colored and must have a variety of veggies and fruits.

Make a routine

Setting routines make kids disciplined. Agree or don’t, if you have a fixed schedule for your kids, they tend to follow it and manage more out of their day than any other way. Try to keep your kids busy and make a habit for them to study, exercise, and sleep on fixed hours every day.

Coronavirus parenting tips – tips for parents during covid 19

Physically active

tips for parents during covid 19

Exercising for kids is as important as it is for parents. It not only keeps the body healthy externally but also internally. Walking, Biking, etc are some sports that you can indulge your kid to follow. But make sure they don’t step out of the house without a mask on. If not outside, make sure that you join your kids and practice a set of exercises or yoga with them every day.

Mental health check

tips for parents during covid 19

Emotions are tender things. They tend to play with a kid’s mental health and that is why it is necessary to talk to your children. You must keep a check on their mental health every now and then by coping with the challenges they go through. You should talk more often and make the effort to help in supporting your kids to do better in whichever way possible because they need your support and guidance.

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More tips for parents during covid 19 – Coronavirus parenting tips

Beauty/Quality sleep

tips for parents during covid 19

Sleep integrates memories. The reason why we mentioned this is because having proper sleep helps kids in retaining knowledge. Getting quality sleep also keeps physical and mental health intact and eventually keeps the immune system strong in order to fight off infections.

Limit screen time

This is important because, with the increase in screen time, children tend to eat more which in turn increases their calorie intake. Limiting screen time for the kids will also give you more time to spend with them and that means more quality time for the family.

Coronavirus parenting tips – tips for parents during covid 19

Personal hygiene

tips for parents during covid 19

This is quite necessary for kids to keep themselves safe from illness. Aside from washing hands, make sure your kids regularly take a bath, cut their nails, etc. You should also know that practicing before preaching also works well in teaching kids. So, before you make them follow personal hygiene, assure that you follow them first.

Build resilience

Resilience is very important for you as an adult, especially during times like COVID-19. You need to be able to recover from difficulties quickly, not only to look after your health but also because you need to look after your kids. Your anxiety and stress can also impact the growth of your children.

Spend quality time with family

tips for parents during covid 19

COVID-19 or not, quality time with family is a must. As parents, you should ensure that your kids get to spend a nice time with you and enjoy it. This makes them happy and hopeful for the future. It also gives them closure about the fact that family comes first and that they are the ones who will always look after them.

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