DO’s and DONT’s for Pimple Reduction

tips for removing pimples

Here are some Tips for Removing Pimples that will help you in getting rid of pimples without side effects…

tips for removing pimples

DOs for Pimple Reduction – Tips for Removing Pimples

  • Use Ice to Reduce Swelling

tips for removing pimples

You can opt to gently apply ice on a swollen pimple for a minute or so. Don’t keep it too long that irritates the skin.

  • Use Sulfur-based Creams

tips for removing pimples

You can use creams with benzoyl peroxide or sulfur and resorcinol on pimples as it can reduce blemishes and also works immediately.

  • Tea Tree Oil

tips for removing pimples

Using tea tree oil on a pimple can help in killing the bacteria present in the pimple. People usually use it for minor skin irritations. Tea Tree is safe to apply on the skin in its diluted form.

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  • Use a mixed shade of concealer

tips for removing pimples

While you’re in the process to hide a pimple with the help of concealer, using a too light or too dark shade of concealer can make the pimple be more visible. So, mix two shades of concealer and make your own custom blend to match your skin color. Also, remember to not use too many products to hide the pimple.

DON’Ts for Pimple Reduction – Tips for Removing Pimples

  • Don’t squeeze a pimple

tips for removing pimples

Whiteheads that are usually visible on the skin ask too much to squeeze them but you need to resist doing exactly that. The more you squeeze your pimples, the longer it takes to heal. You also increase your risk of infection and scars with squeezing a pimple.

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  • Don’t apply toothpaste

tips for removing pimples

Hah! Please save that toothpaste for teeth and not your pimple. Although it dries out a pimple, it also triggers acne. Yeah, you make things worse by applying toothpaste to your pimple. The whitening ingredients in toothpaste can also cause allergies to the skin.

  • Don’t opt for a Facial

tips for removing pimples

Although facial, peel packs and other spa treatments can sometimes improve acne but these results are not immediate. So, before you go all-in for a quick fix, you must be right in choosing the quick fix. A facial cannot help in removing a pimple in the short-term and instead might just make your skin more irritated.

  • Don’t use accessories

If your pimples are on your forehead, you might opt to hide them under a cap or headband. That’s fine for a quick event but you will have to pay a price for a long-term camouflage. The heat and friction while using accessories could make your acne worse.

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