Tips for a Good Sleep

tips for good sleep

Falling asleep may seem like an impossible dream when you’re awake at 3 a.m., but sleep is more in your control than you think.

You can follow some sleep hygiene that will help you get more sleep even if you are going through Insomnia, jet lag or late work shifts. Here are some tips for a good sleep that will help you have a long and deeper sleep.

  • Avoid Caffeine and other liquids before sleep.

avoid caffeine

The first thing to take care of when you think of tips for a good sleep is, Caffeine. It is a stimulant that can help you stay awake, so avoid it. Also try to avoid having liquids because that can interrupt your sleep and make you go to the restroom again and again. You should try to use the washroom before you sleep.

  • Make a Comforting Sleep-Inducing Environment.

sleep inducing environment

Try using heavy curtains, an eye mask or blackout shades to block light. Keep the room temperature comfortably cool for you to sleep in and not to feel too cold or hot. The room’s ventilation is a must. Make sure to use comfortable mattress and pillows for a comfortable sleep. Most mattress wear out in 10 years so make sure yours is fine. Try to keep your gadgets away from yourself.

  • Make a good Pre-Sleep Routine.

pre sleep routine

Try indulging into some reading or listening to music, these help in making you feel tired and help you to sleep. When you lie on your bed you can also take deep breathes and relax your mind which also helps in sleeping.

  • Be consistent about your sleeping and waking up time.


When you sleep and wake up at regular timings it becomes a habit which your body gets accustomed to with time.This habit is really good for you because your life runs on a great routine and being consistent will help you shape a better future for yourself.

  • Exercise daily.

exercise daily

A little exercise daily is a must, it can make you feel like you have done some work and are ready to relax. Try exercising daily, it also makes your health and fitness better.

  • Eat right.

eat right

Talking about tips for a good sleep, you should know that eating right and light for dinner is really essential in shaping your body and helping in your toning process. You must try to avoid any heavy food or something unhealthy that will make you feel sick.

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