Tomato Fever Symptoms Causes Treatment Food List Home Remedies: Know More About It

Tomato Fever

An unexplained virus has been detected in Kerela among children below the age of five. Named Tomato Fever, 82 cases of Kerela children have been found in the state. The cases are concentrated in the cities of Kollam, Neduvathur, Anchal, and Aryankavu. However, it is unclear whether it is a viral fever or an aftereffect of dengue or chikungunya.Tomato Fever

The public health departments in the state are on alert and taking preventive measures. A team has been deployed to Anganwadis to check Kerela children below the age of five. Also, teams are conducting a test on Kerela-Tamil Nadu borders to control the virus from spreading to other regions.

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Tomato Fever Symptoms

The ailment has been named as Tomato Fever due to the appearance of red spherical rashes among patients. The main Tomato Fever Symptoms include rashes, dehydration, and skin irritation. It is being detected mostly in children below the age of five.

Tomato Fever Symptoms include:

High Fever

Body Ache

Swelling of Joints


Red Rashes

Skin Irritation


Discoloration in hands, knees, and buttocks

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Tomato Fever Preventive Measures

Although the specifics of Tomato Fever are being yet determined, parents can take the following preventive measures:

If you notice any of the above symptoms, especially red rashes, consult a doctor immediately.

Give plenty of fluids to keep the patient hydrated, if he is suffering from Tomato Fever.

Avoid scratching or rubbing on rashes or blisters.

The patient must keep himself and his surrounding clean and hygienic.

Precautions must be taken to maintain a safe distance from the patient since the disease is contagious. 

The patient must take proper rest during the fever as well as during the recovery period. 

The state authorities are trying to contain the disease and stop it from spreading to other areas. However, if you suffer from any of the above symptom, inform the doctor and authorities immediately.

Tomato Fever symptoms causes treatment food list home remedies

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