Ultimate Butt Workout

Everyone works to get that prefect booty but have you achieved your aim yet? Do you think your present workout schedule might not be helping you out in the right way? Don’t worry we have just the right solution to your problem. The Ultimate Butt Workout.

Here is the Ultimate Butt Workout for you. Follow these simple instructions and see the changes for yourself.

  • SquatssquatsFor Squats, Stand straight with your feet wide open at hip distance. Your knees, toes and your hips must face forward. Now bend your knees and extend you butt backward to take a position like you’re sitting. Make sure that when you bend your knees must stay behind your toes and all your weight must be on your heels. Rise up again and repeat.
  • Butt Kicksbutt kicks Begin with a position on all your fours. Now lift your left leg off the floor in the air above forming a line with your hip. Get back to the starting position and now repeat the same with the other leg.
  • Romanian Dead liftsromanian dead lifts First hold the bar at hip level with a grip in which palms are facing down. Now slightly bend your knees, your shoulders back and your back forming an arch. This is your starting position. Now move your butt back like you do in squats, trying to move your butt as far away as possible. Now return to your starting position. Remember to keep the bar close to your body and look straight and your shoulders in the right position.
  • Glute and Hamstring extensionglute and hamstring extensionStand straight, lean forward on the back extension pad, turn your toes outward and bend your knees. Keep your back flat while you bend from your hips. Now when you try to come back up you will have to push your thighs onto the pad and squeeze your glutes. Try to keep your back straight all this while. Try to aim and achieve a 2-3 seconds of count on your way down and a 1-2 seconds of count on your way up.
  • Step upstep upPut your left feet on the bench and now while you try to climb up on the bench make sure to put your body weight on your left heel. When you climb up you need to go down again, so return to your starting position by stepping down with your right foot first. Repeat 30 steps leading with your left foot and then another 30 leading with your right.
  • Lungeslunges For this you need to keep your upper body straight, shoulders relaxing and your chin up. Step one leg forward, lowering your hip till both the knees bend to 90 degree angle. Don’t forget to keep your front knee directly above your ankle and the other knee must not touch the floor. Your body weight will be on your heels when you push back into the starting position. Repeat the process with the other foot.

This was all about the Ultimate Butt Workout…Try more workout schedules to tone up yourself.

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