Ways to keep you memory sharp.

ways to keep your memory sharp

Most of the memory problems we experience with aging reflect the normal changes in the structure and function of the brain. There are many ways to keep your memory sharp. As we grow old we see changes in our ability to remember. Sometimes it happens when you miss an appointment or you get up to get something from the kitchen but then you forget when you are in the kitchen.

People also suffer from memory lapses at all ages, but mostly people get upset at old age because they fear that it could be a sign of dementia. At old ages memory lapses happen because of organic disorders, brain injuries or neurological illness, etc…

Ways to keep your memory sharp depend on a lot of things like, the way you live, what you eat in your diet, how you’re treating your body.

So here are some ways to keep your memory sharp for all ages.

  • Eat food that helps in boosting your brain.

ways to keep your memory sharpEating the right food helps with all parts of the body including the brain. The Brain requires certain vitamins and minerals which help in its functioning. Most people also recommend eating walnuts and other dry fruits for a sharper memory.

  • Don’t miss out on doing physical exercises.

ways to keep your memory sharpDoing exercises not just keeps your body externally fit but also internally. Exercises help memory and thinking both directly and indirectly. It helps the chemicals in the brain that affect the health of our brain cells. It also affects the growth of new blood vessels in the brain and their abundance and survival.

  • Try to manage your stress.

ways to keep your memory sharpSometimes the pressure for a deadline or any argument can lose your focus. Anxiety leads to impairment of memory. If you don’t have any idea to manage your stress you must try deep breathing, meditation and yoga.

  • Keep learning new things.

ways to keep your memory sharpA higher level of education associates with better mental functioning in old age. According to experts advanced education helps in keeping memory strong by getting a person into a habit of being mentally active and learning more and more. Join a book group, play chess, write the story of your life, try playing crosswords and puzzles, join different types of classes for music and arts.

  • Use all your senses.

ways to keep your memory sharpThe more you use your senses in learning stuff the more your brain gets involved in retaining memory. Challenge all your senses and use them to remember things.

  • Get a good sleep.

ways to keep your memory sharpPeople who don’t sleep well tend to be more forgetful than people who get good sleep. Sleep is important because it helps in consolidating memories. You must try to improve your sleeping habits. You must try medication only if there is a serious problem of insomnia, etc…

  • Make a mnemonic.

ways to keep your memory sharpThis is a creative way to remember things. You can make acronyms or sentences to remember things, like we memorize the acronym VIBGYOR for the seven colors in a rainbow, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. We similarly can form a sentence to remember other things like a musical note which is EGBDF you can make a sentence like, Every Good Boy Does Fine.

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