Mindfulness as an Efficient Way to Prevent Depression

ways to prevent depression

A recent research study based on mindfulness highlights this cognitive therapy as one of the effective ways to prevent depression. Statistically, around 60 percent of those handful people suffering from depression (single episode) are prone to its re-occurrence. Further, those ninety percent individuals undergoing three bouts of depression are likely for its fourth occurrence.

ways to prevent depression

The present research work is a contribution from the researchers of the University of Oxford. The research work accentuates the potent benefits of a blend of mindfulness meditation coupled with cognitive therapy as a defense against depression relapses. Researches worked out earlier never showcased a comparative evaluation of this therapy concerning the use of antidepressants.

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Ways to prevent depression:

Currently, there is no precise way to rule out depression entirely. However, some following habits have shown promising results in coping with depression.

  • A person must focus more on finding ways to how he can avoid stressful situations.
  • Practice on improvising self-esteem.
  • Personal care and hygiene hold the first priority in depression management.
  • Sufficient sleep, healthy eating habits and a fixed routine for exercises is a must.
  • Be extrovert when you find yourself encircled with unbearable stress. Family and friends could play a supporting role in dealing with the pressure effectively.
  • A regular medical check-up is essential to keep your stress at optimized levels.

The working mechanism of Mindfulness therapy:

This therapy is known as MBCT or Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.

The study involves interviews from 424 adults with a prior exposure of three or more episodes of depressions.

Every single adult was on an antidepressant medical treatment during their enrolment. Some of them were asked to continue with their antidepressant treatment while others were purely subjected to MBCT sessions.


Participants underwent Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Sessions under a single-blind trial.

This study went for a long 22 years.

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Researchers observed that around 44 and 47 percent individuals from MBCT and antidepressant groups exhibit a relapse in their depression levels.

The findings of the study feature mindfulness as an effective way to prevent depression though not the best.  

It works by enhancing the bonding or relationships of those who undergo this therapy religiously. These individuals are thus able to mindfully relate to others and with their inner self. It further helps in preventing the further stages of depression.

Thus, if we go according to the Forbes statistics (highlighting the 50 to 80 percent relapse rate in those with the first episode of depression), MBCT works well for those suffering from recurring instances of depressions and do not want to be on medicines.

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