Prevent your Weight from Gaining during Festivals – Weight Loss tips for Festivals

weight loss tips for festivals

Weight Loss Tips for Festivals  – “Festivals in India are all about happiness and boxes of Sweets.” Although, it is a tradition of eating sweets on festivals and other occasions in India but there is always more to it. Each festival is a celebration of the achievement and prosperity in the lives of different individuals. Each festival brings happiness and joy in the lives of thousands and that is why people wish each other with all things sweet.

Prevent your Weight from Gaining during Festivals – Weight Loss tips for Festivals

Well, do not stop yourself from having fun and eating sweets but, in the process, you can’t afford to let go of your health goals. So, here we are to help you with some weight loss tips for festivals:

  • Warm water with Honey & Lemon: Have a glass of warm water with honey & lemon first thing in the morning of a festive day. This will act as a detoxifying agent for your body and will help in increasing your metabolism. Eating sweets and other festive foods will easily find its way to digest in the body with a glass of warm water with honey & lemon in the morning.

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  • Hydrate and have Detox Water: Having water will keep you energetic and hydrated. In case you are dehydrated, your body starts feeling empty. That confuses the mind for being hungry and then we tend to eat more instead of having more water. Drinking less water can also cause serious dehydration and can also result in constipation. Similarly, having detox water will help in releasing all toxins from the body.
  • Eat a balanced diet with proteins and fibers: Proteins and fiber keep you satiated for a longer time and also help in digestion. These are both great sources of energy and take more time to metabolize which helps in keeping your tummy feel fuller for a longer period of time. Thus, helping you in eating less.
  • Light Dinner Diet: Consuming a light calorie dinner during the festive season can help you in controlling your weight from rising. After all the sweets and food that you consume during the day, you can push yourself to eat less for dinner. This will ensure fewer calorie intake and maintain your weight from increasing.
  • Cardio and Exercising: Cardio is all that one should do to lose weight. Therefore, when you eat too many sweets and other festive food, your weight is likely to increase. Cardio helps in cutting down the weight that you put on because of sweets and also brings you to lose maximum calories possible. So, just take out time for a quick 10/15 minute cardio workout.

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  • Limit your Sweet intake: Having sweets during festivals is a common thing really. But if you are not exercising or doing any other activity around the festive season then you must definitely control your sweet intake. This is because each sweet contains nearly 120-200 calories and this will probably take you days and weeks to lose unless you control your diet and start exercising.
  • Avoid Fried food and opt for Air-fryer instead: Manually frying food takes too many efforts and also results in making food oily and unhealthy. If you use an air-fryer instead of frying the food yourself, you will save your time, your effort, and your health from consuming unhealthy and highly oily food.
  • Get Proper Rest: A proper rest is always necessary. You must never forget to sleep for longer hours to make yourself more active during the day. Also, during festive seasons, when you rest for more hours, you will tend to eat for fewer hours. Rest is also important for the body to complete its metabolism process. A loss in sleep can also lead to weight gain.
  • Avoid tinned/packaged stuff: Packaged food is always processed food and that is what can make it unhealthy. Processed foods are often high on unhealthy cheap fats, which is why it isn’t recommended to eat very often. So, leave festive seasons aside, you must also not eat them otherwise.

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  • Have fresh juice: Fresh juices are pure sources of vitamins and minerals which help in keeping the body clean internally. So, drink a glass of fresh juice to keep your internal organs clean.
  • Limit your intake of caffeine, alcohol, or sodas: Caffeine, alcohol, and other sodas usually tend to increase your diet which makes it tough to control you from eating and that is why it must be avoided. The less you consume these liquids, the less hungry you will feel and that will help in keeping your weight stable and in check for this festive season.
  • Portion Controlling: During the festive seasons, one must avoid eating more and must practice portion control to reach their aim to keep their weight on track. Portion control is the best way to stay healthy and keep your weight maintained. It lets you eat your favorite food and sweets and simultaneously helps you in keeping your weight balanced along with your diet.
  • Use a smaller plate: Using a smaller plate will help you in taking less on your plate and will hence help you in portion controlling which in turn helps in maintaining weight.

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