What Causes Heartburn?

what causes heartburn

What causes Heartburn differs from person to person. Heartburn is basically a symptom of acid reflux, which means bubbling up of stomach acids into the esophagus which connects your throat to your stomach. The esophagus isn’t designed to handle such acids, so the reflux creates a painful burning sensation which then causes heartburn.

Here is what causes heartburn and how you can avoid the pain:

  • Eating too close to bedtime (or naptime)eating too close to bedtimeEating in 2-3 hours of lying down is a problem because your body can only do a little to fight gravity. And if you go to sleep with a full stomach, you’re helping the contents of your stomach to slide up to the esophagus. So eating before lying down is a big no-no.
  • Having large meals: having large mealsThe more food you have, or eat more than your stomach can handle more likely tends to sneak its way up into your esophagus. Eating frequently or at odd times also seem to bring on the burn, so try eating only when you are hungry.
  • High BMI: high BMIUsually people with excess weight have more heartburn problems because the weight initially slows the food’s course through the digestive system, creating more pressure within the abdomen and loosens the sphincter muscle that keeps stomach contents out of esophagus. This may also explain the link between the heartburn and a high BMI, reduction in weight through a little modification such as going to the gym, eating less, exercising, or consulting a registered dietitian and moving more may be the finest solutions to reduce heartburns.
  • Drinking too much alcohol:drinking too much alcohol Alcoholrelaxes the lower esophageal sphincter though it increases the production of stomach acid and makes your esophagus more sensitive to stomach acid. Drinking alcohol habits can also lead to making less healthy food choices. If you are planning to drink just before bedtime or coupling a glass of wine with a pre-bed snack, you are asking for trouble.
  • Eating the wrong food: Yes, you heard that right! Onions, spicy food, soda definitely leads to heartburn, but these aren’t universal for everyone. If you have bad symptoms when you eat something, don’t eat it by means. Apart from avoiding those foods, you can try eating a healthy diet that contains lots of vegetables, fiber, olive oil etc that seem to be protective against a heartburn.

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