What is Audiometry and its Importance

what is audiometry

What Is Audiometry?

Hearing loss comes with age and can affect anyone. Do you know, at least 25 percent of people over 50 experience hearing loss. One way to test hearing loss is by using audiometry. Audiometric tests regulate the hearing levels with the help of an audiometer. It measures the ability to distinguish between sound intensities, recognize pitch, or speech from background noise.

The unit of measure for sound intensity is the decibel (dB). A healthy human ear can hear a minimum of 20 dB. A jet engine produces140 to180 dB. Humans can hear tones between 20-20,000 Hz.

Let’s find out more as to What is Audiometry and its importance

The first sign of hearing loss

  • Age-related hearing loss is a slow hearing loss that affects both ears equally – first in the high frequencies and later in the low frequencies.
  • One of the early signs of hearing loss is not being able to understand speech in a noisy environment. Rest might have difficulty hearing on the phone.
  • Adults with age-related hearing loss often take it as a sign of aging. Most of the times, it’s family or friends who notice a change in a loved one’s hearing.

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What is Audiometry and its importance- Common causes of hearing loss

what is audiometry

The common causes of hearing loss are:

  • Birth defects.
  • Damaged eardrum.
  • Chronic ear infections.
  • Inherited conditions which prevent structures within the ear from functioning properly.
  • Any injury to the ear.
  • Inner ear disease.
  • Regular exposure to loud noises.
  • Damage to the ear or exposure to loud sounds for a long period can also cause hearing loss.

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Why Audiometry is important? Why it is important to check hearing loss

An audiometry test is performed to determine how well you can hear. This may be done as part of a routine screening or in response to a noticeable loss of hearing.

Knowing about hearing loss is important to maintain good health. Hearing loss can affect us on psychological and physical levels. Some may feel embarrassed or depressed, or may even start distrusting others. It can even lead to headaches, stress levels, and blood pressure.

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How to prevent hearing loss

  • Minimize your exposure to loud noises.
  • Never listen to music through headphones or earbuds on full volume.
  • Wear earplugs or protective earmuffs during any activity that exposes you to noise.
  • Visit your doctor for a regular hearing check-up.
  • Do not use any sharp or hard object inside your ear.

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