What is more Important, Food or Sleep?

food or sleep

According to you, what is more important, food or sleep? According to science, humans can live without food for 21 days but can only live without sleep for about 10-11 days. So it is simply clear that Sleep is more important for humans.

To live without food for a week you will only face problems like weakness but without sleep for a week your body will stop functioning. None of your senses will respond as quickly as they should.

food or sleep

If you still need to understand what is more important, food or sleep. Here is a fact that will help you understand.

A few hours of sleep can affect the health of our body positively and negatively. If a person sleeps less than 7-8 hours, his/her health is probably affecting negatively and if a person sleeps for 8 or more hours every day, it is set to affect their health positively.

So before choosing to sleep for an hour or having your favorite breakfast, you know that you need your sleep more than you want the food.

food or sleep

Sleeping an hour less will never add an hour to productivity but getting the right amount of sleep will help you concentrate and use your time better. You will be fully awake while doing your work rather than feeling sleepy and doing less work just because you start to feel irritated.

There are numerous disadvantages of sleep deprivation like, heart diseases, mood changes, weight gain, hormonal problems, improper immune functions, etc…

Read Tips for a Good Sleep, because now you know what is more important, food or sleep?

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