How is whole grain consumption related to breast cancer?

whole grain consumption can cause breast cancer

Many pieces of research have been worked out for proving whether whole grain consumption can cause breast cancer or not. However, the majority of the studies are worthy of showing the beneficiary effects of whole grain consumption. Whole grains are rich in fiber which is one of the most essential components of a balanced diet.

whole grain consumption can cause breast cancer

Recent research worked out by the Cancer Prevention Institute of California highlights competitive supremacy of the whole grains in thwarting the diseases. You may find a detailed report of their studies in the Cancer Medicine publication.

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Other epidemiological studies are indicative of mixed reviews. Some studies highlight a positive association in an inverse manner, while others are still unclear. Inconsistencies in the outputs might be the result of experimental set-ups and the differences in the intake assessments.

Foundations of Epidemiological studies to unveil whether whole grain consumption can cause breast cancer or not:

To pull out from scratch, the researchers preferred to initiate with the meta-regression analysis of the Observational studies. This meta-regression analysis was quantificational in nature.

The output of the study exhibits an inverse relationship between the whole grain consumption and the risk of breast cancers. It follows that intermediate to high intake of whole grains is in association with a reduction in the risk of breast cancer. This reduction was detected to be at the modest level.

Further, the researchers focused on stratified analysis. According to the stratified analysis, this inverse relation shows a higher affinity in case-control studies rather than cohort studies.

whole grain consumption can cause breast cancer

Mechanisms proposed to thwart the hypothesis that whole grain consumption can cause breast cancer:

An optimum level of insulin, as well as glycemic control, is one of the potential benefits of whole grain consumption in reducing breast cancer’s risk. Whole grains play a vital role in reducing the responses of insulin and postprandial glucose. A reduction in their levels is further associated with optimal glycemic control and in turn, helps to rule out the risks related to breast cancers.

Higher levels of inflammatory markers and liver enzymes are the next factors triggering the risks of breast cancers. However, the consumption of whole grains is found to be effective in reducing their levels.

whole grain consumption can cause breast cancer

Fibre-containing foods are analysed to be rich in anti-carcinogenic properties. Whole grains being one of its rich sources helps in the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines. These anti-inflammatory cytokines are essential in curbing out the breast cancers and the risks associated with it.

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