Why add Garlic in your Diet

why add garlic in your diet

You might be wondering why add garlic in your diet? But frankly we know much better about the benefits of adding Garlic to your diet.

Garlic like we know is rich in Vitamin C, manganese and Vitamin B6 and is also low in calories. It contains various other nutrients as it is a plant of the onion family which is grown for its exclusive taste and obviously health benefits as it contains Sulfur compounds.

Here are some amazing unknown facts about eating Garlic or how it can be beneficial to our health and most importantly, why add garlic in your diet.

  • Live Longer:live longer Eating garlic beneficially effects on the common causes of chronic diseases which is how it makes total sense that it can help you live longer. Having garlic is also linked with lowering risk of developing age relevant brain diseases like dementia
  • Antioxidants:antioxidants The antioxidants in Garlic protects us against aging and cell damaging. It also might help in reducing the risks of Dementia and the Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Cholesterol:cholesterol The supplements of garlic reduces cholesterol specially for people with high cholesterol levels.
  • Blood Pressure:blood pressure Having high dose of garlic can improve blood pressure for people with a high blood pressure. The supplements are also as effective as medication. It’s effect starts within five hours and simply wears off after a day.
  • Common illness:common illness Garlic intake can prevent the Flu and the common cold.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: anti inflammatory propertiesInflammation is when your skin’s affected area gets swollen or red, or problematic joints flare up due to injuries, etc… Garlic’s are often hailed for its anti-inflammatory properties, thanks again to the Sulfur content.
  • Healthy Bones:healthy bones Garlic helps in keeping your bones healthy because it increases estrogen levels in females.
  • Cancer Prevention:cancer prevention A study found out that majority of middle-aged women who eat a well balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and garlic as part of their diet are have a less chance of developing the colon cancer.

I hope that now the question, why add garlic in your diet is clear with all the benefits mentioned above.

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