Why do Women’s brain appear younger than men

women's brain appear younger than men

It has been coming up as a common question these days… Why does women’s brain appear younger than men? In recent studies, it has been observed that a woman’s brain, if compared to a man’s brain appears to be younger by around three years. Researchers have given the reason for this by analyzing different case studies.

It is a fact that as we age our brain tends to shrink. This happens because, as we age our brain’s metabolism slows down. This happens quicker with men in comparison to women. The study also suggests that women can maintain cognitive skills longer than men.

women's brain appear younger than men

Women’s brain appear younger than men because of a change in our brain’s metabolism as we keep aging. This is indicated so because our brain runs basically on sugar. But, the way sugar is used by our brain might differ in people who are younger and those who are old.

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The fact is that kids majorly use their brain fuels in aerobic glycolysis that helps in brain development and maturity. Other than this, sugar in a kid’s brain is used to power up their daily activities. Now, in adolescents, this differs. This is because only a part of the sugar in their brain is used in the glycolysis process. This proportion of the use of sugar by brain reduces as we age.

women's brain appear younger than men

The study at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis was conducted by Manu Goyal and his colleagues, including Alan A. and Edith L. Wolff Distinguished Professor of Medicine and a professor of radiology, Marcus Raichle, MD and Andrei Vlassenko, MD, Ph.D., an associate professor of radiology. They studied 205 people to figure out how their brains use sugar. Manu Goyal, MD is the senior author of an assistant professor of radiology at the university’s Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology.

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It was also observed that in comparison to men who are old, women of their age mostly score better at reasoning, memory, and other problem-solving questions.

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