Why is it Important for you to start practicing Yoga now

start practicing yoga now

Start practicing yoga now… Yoga is one of the best techniques to keep yourself fit. And the best part is that you can practice yoga at any age. Some people start thinking that now that I am in my 30s or 40s or 50s, this is not possible to start practicing yoga now. But, the good news is that you can start practicing Yoga at any given age. You would just need proper guidance and training. Yoga, apart from keeping us fit, also, through its principles, teaches us how to practice kindness, compassion and sustainable growth and awareness.

Why should you start practicing yoga now:

In your 20s

If you begin now you can help yourself set up a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. It becomes a habit which you cannot stop from carrying with yourself. Yoga can help you focus on the right things in your life. It improves your understanding ability and makes you patient and hard working towards your goals in life. Its philosophy brings spirituality in your life which becomes a part of your identity. By simply practicing yoga you can ease out all your stress from long hours of study/work and it also serves as a counterbalance if you like to party hard sometimes…

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In your 30s

If you start practicing yoga now, regularly, in your 30s, it can help in managing your stress of new parenthood, along with your personal weight management, fitness, skin, and work routines. The realization of entering your adulthood comes along as you age and so do the responsibilities, and emotional changes. All the stress and heaviness in your brain can be sorted with the help of yoga. Working out for hours might not seem to help but yoga will be really beneficial as it helps in toning your body, keeps you active, improves your metabolism, minimizes your physical pain, stabilizes the variability of hormones which all affect your mood swings, emotional breakdowns, hair loss, problems in your menstrual cycle and cramps. Yoga changes the way we handle our stress which if not treated right can result in anxiety and depression.

Yoga will help you in attaining the right posture for your body and will provide you with breathing techniques that help the blood in our body move and oxygenate better.

In your 40s

As a fact, after 40, with each year we age, the muscle mass starts to naturally decline by 1% each year. This can be naturally maintained if you start practicing yoga now, in your 40s. Yoga will build up your muscle strength and flexibility. It will also help reduce any pain in your spine or joints.

This is also an age in which you mostly try to find a meaning or a purpose in your life. Deep yoga and meditation can help in guiding you through this crisis.

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In your 50s

In this age, major problems that occur for women are a decline in bone density, hormonal changes (menopause) and for men decline in physical strength and endurance. The only thing that can help is yoga as it helps in slowing down the aging process. Some people in this age group are physically fit, others go through surgeries and other injuries this makes a difference in how each of them will practice yoga.

Starting Yoga in a later age needs adjustments and practicing it makes a difference. It is highly recommended that after a generation of work and other things that keep us busy we should practice yoga.

In your 60s

You can choose to belong to those people who can still touch their toes in this age. This only happens if you consistently practice yoga which is also suitable to your physical ability.

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