Why is it important to wear a mask at all times?

wear a mask

Today let’s talk about the need to wear a mask. With the unlock in the process after two months of lockdown in India, people will surely find it difficult to keep up with wearing a mask at all times.

wear a mask

The need to wear a mask

During the lockdown, wearing a mask seemed to be an easier task. That was because only those people that were stepping out of the house to buy essentials were wearing a mask on. But now, with the unlock in motion, more people are starting to walk out of their houses which means they will all need to wear a mask to protect themselves. This calls for people to understand the need for wearing masks in this pandemic situation.

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Why should you wear a mask?

The most important thing to know about the coronavirus is that it has only two ways of entering the body system, either through the nose or mouth. It is also true that if you step out of your house without wearing a mask, you are at risk of catching coronavirus. You’re probably wondering how.

Well, thinking that there is no one around and that you are safe walking around without a mask is wrong. This is because if a person affected with COVID-19 sneezes or coughs out openly in the air and walks away, the droplet with coronavirus stays in the air for at least 30 minutes. The area where the person has breathed out will still be affected and if you, by any chance, breathe in the same air, you are most likely to fall prey. But if you have the mask on and you breathe in the same air, there is a high chance that you’ll stay safe.

Mask will also work as a deterrent in your touching your face and lips that we all often do, thereby protecting you in case you somehow get coronavirus on your hand.

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Why should you wear a mask at the office?

We often tend to make mistakes. So, while you’re back at the office and excited about the re-opening, make sure you don’t get yourself in contact with anyone. If you’re sitting next to an employee, even at a distance of 6 feet, you need to ensure wearing a mask.

This is because there is no assurance of whether a person may or may not have the coronavirus. And if you breathe in the same air, you would be at the risk of catching an infection. Even though you might think that the other person is safe, but you can never be sure about that as the symptoms of coronavirus start showing after a few days. So, wear a mask for the betterment of your environment and to keep yourself protected.

Precautions while you wear a mask

Don’t forget that you also need to go back home, where you have more people waiting to see you. Not wearing a mask at the office, even for a little period of time can get you infected and in turn, you may infect your family too.

So, think and do not take off your mask in the public or at your office. Also, when you reach back home, take out your shoes at the gate itself and go straight to the bathroom to clean yourself up, wash all clothes you are wearing, gargle with turmeric and sendha namak (rock salt). This will ensure your safety and of those you live with.

Now, that you know how important it is to protect your mouth and nose, you might probably choose to wear a mask. That is also most certainly the only right thing to do in this pandemic situation. Let’s take the right steps, looking forward to a corona-free world.

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