What is the Importance of Portion Control while eating? Keeping Portions in Proportion

why is portion control important

What is Portion Control and why is Portion Control Important?

Portion Control is basically, knowledge of the correct measure of our serving sizes while we eat as per a calorie count and fat content count in different foods and beverages.

why is portion control important

You could also say that Portion Control is also a method of setting one’s diet by determining the number of calories in each serving of food and therefore, limiting the intake of food beyond a predetermined number of calories.

A portion is basically the total amount of food that you eat in one serving. An example; The amount of paneer you eat for dinner is a serving, while the 3 ounces of paneer is a serving. So, to practice portion control, you need to keep your serving sizes in check.

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Why is Portion Control Important?

Portion control is definitely one thing that stands in the middle of excess calorie intake and not eating enough. A right portion serving for all kinds of food can help in analyzing the number of calories one takes in every day and that is what helps with weight loss and gains. Now, you must know that eating in portions is as important as eating the right foods.

Why is Portion Control Important?

Here are some benefits of portion control:

  • Saves Moneysaves money

When you eat less in small portions, it is obvious that you will spend less money. Also, when you eat less, you will include both nutrition and taste in your food and this means you’ll also save on your grocery shopping and, not to forget, ‘You’ll save plenty of money when you cook your meals all by yourself’.

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  • Reduces Binge Eatingreduces binge eating

Binge eating can lead to overeating in most cases. But, when you follow portion control, you simultaneously reduce the need for food and this helps in gradually eliminating your binge eating habits(if you have any).

  • Improves Digestionimproves digestion

Controlling your portions and servings can help your digestive system. This is because, when you don’t overload your digestive system with lots of food in every meal, the digestive system easily digests limited food that it intakes in its system. By portion controlling, you are also eliminating stomach aches & cramps, unnecessary weight gains, etc…

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Why is Portion Control Important?

  • Balances the glucose level in the bodybalances the glucose level in the body

Overeating regularly has a possibility to cause serious misbalances in the blood sugar level. The more you eat, the more glucose your body gets and this leads to unhealthy level jumps and eventually leads to diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc.

  • Helps with Weight Losshelps with weight loss

When you set an aim to lose weight, the first thing you need to do is portion control. The right amount of healthy food, when supplied to the body, completes all essential elements in the body without exceeding your daily requirements of calories. Having healthy food also keeps your stomach full for a longer time. This also helps in curbing your hungry mood or the craving for junk mood. Portion Control with healthy food keeps the body filled with enough protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

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