Why managing Stress becomes more difficult with age?

stress becomes more difficult with age

It is true that stress becomes more difficult with age. We know that stress is a part of all our lives. Everyone faces a time with obstacles that make them stressed and getting over it can be really hard. With time our body’s response to stress both physical and mental breaks down.

Here is why stress becomes more difficult with age.

  • Low Immune System: stress becomes more difficult with ageWith age passing by, our body’s immune system gets weaker and that creates room for depression because not being able to stay fit can be frustrating. There are times you might feel helpless and that is the main cause of feeling stressed.
  • Heart Problems: stress becomes more difficult with ageStress floods the body with Adrenaline which can raise the heart rate and your blood pressure. These make your heart vulnerable to diseases causing you to be stressed.

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  • Digestive Problems: stress becomes more difficult with ageNot being able to digest your food on time or suffering from constipation or motions is something you face with the increasing age. As you age, you need to take care of what is right and what is wrong in your diet because eating something that doesn’t suit your body will make you feel stressed because of the problems it creates.
  • Dental Problems: stress becomes more difficult with age When you grow old, your teeth become weak. Because of weakness in your teeth, they can break if you eat stuff that is too hard for your teeth like hard nuts, etc… Also, sometimes when you eat or drink too hot or too cold food or drinks, your gums might start to give you chills. This is an indication that you need to be careful about your diet and must consult your dentist in case of too much pain.

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  • Hearing and Vision impairment or loss: stress becomes more difficult with ageWhile you may suffer from poor eyesight and hearing as you grow old, you start feeling alone. This is because when you can’t hear or see clearly what people are talking about, you sort of lose the touch or connection with people. This can make you feel alone and also is the major reason for feeling stressed in old ages.
  • Memory Loss: Not being able to remember can be the most frustrating feeling. This seems like a disease from which you can’t recover yourself. Memory loss is the biggest cause of stress in old age people because they fail to remember what is going on with their lives.

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This is why it is important to keep your stress levels in check while you are young. Make little changes in your life which can have a long-lasting effect in your life like be careful on what you eat, exercise regularly, socialize and get regular health check-ups done.

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