Meditation Tips during hard times like COVID-19: Why should you meditate during these difficult times?

why meditate during hard times

COVID-19 or not, no one is immune to hard times, but if you have a question as to why meditate during hard times, here is what you should know:

why meditate during hard times

Everyone in this world wishes to get rid of their hard times in the least amount of time. This is because such times lure in depression, anxiety, and most of all, stress. But today is time that you know that mindful meditation can get you through it.

Meditate first thing in the morning

why meditate during hard times

This assures that 50% of your battle against a crappy day has already been fought and won. All you need to do is sit up when you get up and start meditating. Take mini steps and start with 5 minutes every day. Do this before you begin planning for your day. Be strict and don’t start doing anything without meditating first. This is because this strategy is powerful. It is simple and cuts through the painful mental bush that otherwise disempowers you.

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What does meditation help with during hard times – why meditate during hard times

Be stubborn

Never negotiate with yourself to practice mindful meditation later or the next day. No matter what the reason is for you, be stubborn about meditation and do it every day strictly. In any case, while meditating, never think of the drama that is going on in your life. Be deaf to all reasons that stop you and just start meditating. Program your mind about not being satisfied until you meditate. That is the only way you’ll get better.


Be a happy pig – Let go of unhelpful thoughts and narratives

why meditate during hard times

This is more like a phrase but you must think and about a pig rolling in mud. The only thing you need to learn and adapt from this is to not care about anything that draws your mind to negativity. Stay away from disturbing emotions as much as you can. Accept the few minutes of discomfort when you try to avoid negativity and this will definitely take you forward.

The best part about meditation – You can’t screw up

As much as it sounds surreal, it is also true. Meditation might be one of the only things that you can’t screw up. There is a famous saying: “Once youre meditating, you do the best you can.” There is no going back once you start to meditate. There is only improvement, no matter what difficulties exist.

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What can meditating help with – why meditate during hard times

Mindfulness meditation increases self-compassion

why meditate during hard times

While facing difficult circumstances, it’s easy to turn inward and blame yourself than taking the long cut of making the other one realizing their mistakes. You might find yourself full of self-judgment or even self-hatred but you should be your own worst critic.

Mindfulness brings two things in highlight: Awareness and Compassion. It gives you the ability to see things clearly and makes you practice to become aware of the constant negative inner chatter in your head. It makes you treat yourself with kindness and helps you in getting up to take up challenges.

why meditate during hard times

Always know that practicing mindfulness meditation can mentally get you through everything. All things including being ditched or laid off, stress, anxiety, not being given the right amount of chances, etc can all go away easily with the help of mindful meditation. So what is it that is stopping you? Is it laziness? Is it disbelief? Question yourself, find the answer and start today. There is nothing that can stop you from being at peace unless you yourself find excuses not to.

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