Why is it important to apply sunscreen even when you’re Indoors

why should you apply sunscreen

Why should you apply sunscreen?

To know why should you apply sunscreen, you must first know that Sunscreen is also known as sunblock or suntan lotion is a lotion, spray, gel, foam, stick or other topical product that absorbs or reflects the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UV rays).

  • Sunscreen helps us in protecting our skin from sunburns. If you apply sunscreen diligently it also helps in slowly preventing the development of wrinkles, moles and any sag in your skin.
  • The fact is that you don’t need sunscreen if you are completely indoors. But, if while running errands you are getting exposed to sunlight even through the glass, then you should probably apply it. This is to prevent any damage to your skin. Applying sunscreen can keep you protected because you can be exposed to the UV through glass, a.k.a UVA which is emitted at the same level.
  • You must know that the sun is strong even when it’s not a sunny day. People who believe they don’t need sunscreen on days without sun don’t know that ultraviolet rays that damage our skin do not stop by clouds that cover the sun. This is why we need to apply a sunscreen every day without analyzing the fact that it is a sunny or cloudy day or if you are indoor or outdoor.

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Why should you apply sunscreen?

Now, before you plan to not apply sunscreen indoors or if you feel lethargic or lazy, you should remind yourself that it is going to damage your skin and because now you know why should you apply sunscreen. This applies even if you don’t see any immediate effects of sunscreen on your skin.

why should you apply sunscreen

To protect yourself from the sun you could also put films on or tint your windows or you could actually just apply a good (proper skin type) sunscreen or gel, whichever is recommended by your dermatologist for your skin type.

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Why should you apply sunscreen?

Your dermatologist would also tell you to wear sunscreen daily regardless of any weather change or the fact that you’re home or out.

why should you apply sunscreen

  • If you want to protect your skin then this could be the best skincare technique for you. UV rays are the main reason for the aging of your skin. As a fact, you should also know that some lights in our houses also emit a minute amount of UV rays which again could pose a danger to our skin.
  • Relying on your tinted windows also might not be too helpful if it is not a UV tint. UV spectrum which we get through windows is the most cancer-causing rays along with outdoor UV rays.
  • Try wearing a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF to keep your skin safe. Some also recommend to apply it twice or thrice a day which becomes a huge task but hey, you have makeup products that contain SPF…
  • You must encourage people around you, especially the younger population with increasing rates of melanoma to wear sunscreen and reapply it daily.

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