Why should you use Face Oils?


Before getting to know ‘Why Use Face Oil’, let’s first discuss a brief about Face Oils in general. The first and foremost thing you must be aware of is the Skincare Layering Rule. You will notice that Face Oils are supposed to be used as the last step of the Skincare Routine.

  • Toner
  • Essence
  • Facial mist
  • Serum
  • Lotion
  • Regular Moisturizer
  • Emollient or Barrier Moisturizer
  • Facial Oil

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Why Use Face Oil at the end of Skincare Routine?

This is because, just like every skincare product has a different molecular structure, Face Oils too have a different molecular structure which only works best if applied as the last step of the skincare routine. All these skincare products are applied in the same order on the skin depending on the thickness, viscosity, and other relevant properties of each product.

Continuing with Why Use Face Oil at the end of Skincare Routine, we must also know that Skincare products are best applied from thinnest to thickest. The final layers are what provide increased barrier from any harm coming to your skin due to reasons beyond our control.

Why Use Face Oil?

Face oils are packed with nutrients like Vitamin C, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants that penetrate the skin to transform it and keep it protected from building resilient skin layers known as the lipid barrier.

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Face Oil Benefits – Why Use Face Oil

  • Prevents Skin from Aging: As your age increases, the production of oil decreases and that is when face oils help in preventing the skin from getting dry and also gives it texture which further prevents fine lines, wrinkles, therefore, aging. Face Oils also contain essential ingredients like antioxidants that prevent water loss and keeps the skin plump. These essential oils also boost collagen production that strengthens the skin’s elasticity.
  • Prevents Dehydration of Skin: Face Oils are perfect remedies for Dry skin as they contain essential ingredients like antioxidants that prevent water loss.
  • Prevents Skin from Acne: Certain face oils help in balancing the skin’s over oil production and helps in getting rid of excess oil from the face and minimizes the appearance of pores.

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Face Oil Benefits – Why Use Face Oil

  • Protects Damaged and Sensitive Skin: Face Oil has free-radical -fighting antioxidants that protect the skin and combat future damage by reducing cellular oxidation that age and damage the skin.
  • Perfect Primer for Makeup: The Face Oil forms an even layer for the foundation and any other base to set well in the skin which acts as a perfect primer for makeup routines.
  • Shrinks Enlarged Pores: With regular use, face oils slowly shrink enlarged pores which makes your skin look better.
  • Calms down Rashes: Many face oils consist of anti-inflammatory properties which help in calming down rashes or irritated skin. You could use Argan and Yangu oils specifically for irritations and also for general face oil uses.

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