Wondered why lungs hurt when you work out in winters?

lungs hurt when you work out in winters

This is that time of the year when you step out for a workout, and you might come across a burning sensation in your lungs. We have frequently noticed people expressing their concerns about burning sensation in their lungs when they prefer to undergo a winter workout. Let’s find out, what may be the reason for your lungs hurt when you work out in winters?

lungs hurt when you work out in winters

In the first place, there will be nothing serious going on into your lungs. You might be thinking that the cold air outside enters your system and strikes your lungs with the same coldness. But this is not the case. The moment outside cold air reaches your lungs, it does not remain as cold as it is outside.

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So, why do you feel that your lungs hurt when you work out in winters?

lungs hurt when you work out in winters

Let us dig in at the medical context. The moment you breathe in the outside cold air, it first travels down through your tracheal linings and reaches the extreme bottom. Meanwhile, it takes up your body temperature. Nevertheless, it also possesses 100 per cent of humidity by then. This fact remains true irrespective of what the temperature of the air is. Further, this condition is also independent of the relative humidity of the air. So, be assured that your system won’t be allowing colder air to make its way down to your lungs.

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Dehydration and cell irritation are the reasons why you experience those burning sensations. This irritation is witnessed by the cells that form a part of your tracheary linings. It holds true that for the air to make its way down to your lungs, it needs 100 percent humidity.

lungs hurt when you work out in winters

The water that is required to attain this humidity is therefore supplied by the cellular linings of your trachea. In this way, with the help of water from tracheal cell linings, the air that makes it way down to your lungs reaches its level of 100 per cent humidity.

However, when you work harder in this cold season, your tracheary cell linings witness extreme dehydration. This makes it difficult for you to continue on your regular breathing cycle. As the cells lose their hydration, they tend to make a switch towards irritated phenomena. This combined action of dehydration in conjunction with irritation contributes towards burning sensation within your lungs.

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On a concluding note, your lungs hurt when you work out in winters is mainly due to the collective action of tracheary cell dehydration and irritation.

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