Workout for Arms and Legs

workout for arms and legs

When you plan on working out, most of the times you just think of losing belly fat but for a proper toned body it is necessary for you to workout for arms and legs.

Here are some routine workout for arms and legs.

  1. Lunges with Arm Raiseslunges with arm raiseWith the basic lunge you can add an arm raise to make more difference in your arms as well. For a lunge you need to stand tall and then step your right/left foot forward alternatively making a 90 degree angle with your knee and your thigh parallel to the floor. When you step forward make sure to put your heel first and along with this simple lunge you can add an arm raise.
  2. The Dumbbell Squatdumbbell squatHold Dumbbells in both your hands extended to your sides. Make sure the palm of your hands face each other. Now get ready in your squatting position and simply squat with dumbbells in your hands. This exercise works on your arms, legs and your abs.
  3. Hip Bridges with Dumbbellship bridges with dumbbellsWhile doing hip bridges all you need to modify is add a dumbbell on your belly to make a little more pressure on your legs. This will help you workout intensely and also in working on your glute as well. A basic Hip bridge can be described, lie down on the mat with your arms straight by your side. Now fold your legs like you do when you crunch. When your knees are up, all you need to do now is raise your hip from the floor to stretch out. Just add a dumbbell in this workout to make more changes. Start with a small weight only.
  4. BurpeesBurpeesThis exercise is simple in instructions. Stand tall, Jump, Push up, Stand and repeat. This exercise helps in gaining strength in your arms and legs. It makes your core strong. Repeat this exercise around 10 times if you’re a beginner, 15 times if you are a moderate and 20-25 times if you have a habit of working out daily.
  5. The Supermansuperman poseLie down facing downwards on your mat. Now raise your legs, arms and chest off the floor for 2-3 seconds. During this time, all the support you have is on your stomach. When you raise your legs, arms and chest exhale, and inhale while you get back into the starting position.

We hope that this routine workout for arms and legs will help in toning/shaping your arms and legs. Do these exercises at least 2 times a week to see affective changes and everyday once you get used to the working out schedule.

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