Workout routine for busy women: 10 minutes power workout


We certainly know what it is to have absolutely no time for the workout! However, time crunch does not mean that you can let your body go out of shape. Understanding the fact that we women have a greater weight-gain tendency, there’s nothing that can replace a power workout.

We’ve listed some workout routine for busy women that will need just 10 minutes but will surely blast calories and help you shed those extra kgs. Make sure you do not take rest in between the rounds of these exercises.

Complete Body Toning

Complete Body Toning
Repeat the below-mentioned routine for 4-5 times in ten minutes without stopping in between.
Start with one-minute skipping.
10 squats
10 pushups
10 crunches

On The Spot Workout:

On The Spot Workout:
Squats for one minute with shoulder press.
2-minute jumping jacks
15 tricep dips
15 pushups on a bench or table
2 minute fast paced lateral jump, side to side jumps.
Desk pull ups
One minute of abdominal cycle- It is the fast-paced diagonal sit-ups, where the alternate elbow and knee touch

Thigh Buster

Thigh Buster


If you want to target only the thigh region, then you must follow the thigh buster routine.
24 dynamic lunges
24 squats
12 power lunges: Jump in and out of the lunge position.
12 power squats: Jump in and out of the squat position.
3-4 sets of cardio and weights
2 minutes running

Intense Cardio

Intense Cardio

Repeat this 5-minute routine twice.
One minute step jumping
One minute butt kicks
One minute uppercuts
One minute alternate arm punches
One minute of cross jumping

Body Weights

Body Weights
Make sure you take one complete minute while performing each of these exercises. Repeat the set twice.
10 narrow pushups
One minute bridge with underarm tuck on each side
20 wide-leg squats
10 wide pushups
20 static lunges on each leg.
If you are suffering from low blood pressure, these tips would come in handy.

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