Worried about Hair fall? Try out these Fruits that may Help

Almost every second person you meet in today’s world is sure to have a complaint relating to hair issues. Let it be hair thinning, hair fall or other related issues. Health diet is one of the answers to all your problems. Below is a list of some foods that can help you with all hair problems.


Almonds are an excellent source of magnesium and vitamin D. Deficiency of magnesium in the human body can lead to hair fall. When consumed properly, magnesium and several other nutrients important for a human body that encourage the growth of skin, hair and nails.


Carrots are known to add thickness to the hair and make the hair grow faster. Eating carrot regularly helps stimulate hair growth, make hair lustrous, improve blood circulation, strengthen the hair, prevents breakage of hair and hair fall and protect hair from external damages like pollution


The best home remedies to prevent hair fall must include eggs. Conditioning your hair with eggs helps increases hair growth. Hair is composed of 68 percent keratin protein, so egg protein helps rebuild the damaged hair by repairing the weakened spots along the hair strand that temporarily strengthens the hair.


One study found that women with hair loss have significantly lower iron and vitamin D levels. Spinach is a good because it’s rich in iron and high in vitamin C, which aids in iron absorption.


Oats act as a natural moisturiser and can be applied to the hair to get rid of dryness and itchiness. It makes hair shiny and soft. It is used as an ingredient in shampoos.


Banana and avocado hair mask is extremely useful for conditioning dull and damaged hair. Avocado is health for hair as its Vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss or the hair to grow extremely slow.


Not only does walnut have omega-6 fatty acids, iron, zinc, B vitamins (B6, B9 and B1), healthy fats and plenty of protein. In fact, eating walnuts daily will keep the hair healthy for years.

8.Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C Rich Foods
Low intake of Vitamin C can be the cause for a various hair related problems that severely affect hair growth. Vitamin C deficiency can result in dry hair and split ends. Food item like orange, strawberries, kiwi, papaya, guava, Watermelon, Mangoes and tomatoes are

9. Salmon


Salmon is an extreme vital source of omega-3 fatty acids that promote hair growth. It also contains a huge amount of protein along with B vitamins, and several other minerals and vitamins. All these nutrients are important for body to enjoy proper hair growth and to solve problems such as excessive hair loss, dry hair and so on.

10. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

A healthy diet for hair growth must include sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are an extreme vital source of the antioxidant beta-carotene, which the human body turns into vitamin A.

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