Yoga Health Benefits – Physical and Mental Benefits of practicing Yoga

Yoga Health Benefits– Yoga like we know is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices which originated in our country, India. If you already practice yoga then you would know that Yoga can be really impactful in our lives. But, if you don’t know how yoga can be helpful for your health, here is some insight on the matter. There are various brilliant yoga health benefits, to begin with…

The major Yoga health benefits are classified into two major categories…

  • Physical Benefits [Yoga Health Benefits]

yoga health benefits

Improves Flexibility-Most people add yoga to their fitness routines in order to improve their flexibility and balance. It is true that the words yoga and stretching go hand in hand. Yoga gradually helps the body in growing flexibility with time.

Increases Muscle & Bone Strength and Toning– Yoga helps in building muscle strength along with flexibility which also helps in loosening the tight muscles of our body. It prevents muscle soreness and fastens the recovery of our muscles in case of injuries or just generally. Yoga is a weight-bearing exercise which puts on adequate pressure on the bones which enhances the ability to store calcium and tones up not just your muscles but also strengthens the bones in our body.

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Improves your respiratory system, cardio, metabolism, and circulatory health- Yoga uses breathing techniques which stimulates our lungs and also helps as therapy for asthma. Yoga keeps you protected from problems due to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart diseases. You must also opt for fast-moving yoga to keep your cardio in check. An increase in the movement of our body helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body. Yoga only helps in initiating body movement which turns out helping metabolism. Yoga poses pump up your heart and get the blood flowing in our body. This is how it helps in keeping the circulatory system active.

Reduces your weight– Practicing Yoga helps in developing muscle toning and also improve the metabolism of the body, but with the help of restorative yoga, people can eventually lose weight. This has also been proved during several studies. Restorative Yoga is not different from Yoga and is also not a different type of Yoga. It helps overweight women in losing abdominal fat.

Protects you from injuries– Practicing Yoga daily helps in working on the tendons and ligaments which makes it less susceptible to breakdown. This helps in protecting us from injuries. Yoga also makes our mind-body active which again prevents us from injuries.

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  • Mental Benefits [Yoga Health Benefits]

yoga health benefits

Manages and Relieves Stress and Anxiety– Yoga is built with the ability to ease our stress and also promote relaxation so, if you think stress or anxiety is getting the best of you then you must give it a try. The different postures or asanas in yoga along with the controlled breathing techniques and meditation help in relieving us from any stress and anxiety.

Positive Outlook in Life– Yoga helps in overcoming all negative energies and helps you reach a happy and satisfied mind and health. It helps in changing the way you look at different things. It makes you more positive and less negative.

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Improves Mental Well-Being– Yoga helps you in focusing on the positive things/tendencies in life rather than holding on to negative energies. Agree or don’t, this definitely makes a change in our mental well-being by bringing us to positive conclusions.

Mental Clarity and Calmness-The Asanas of Yoga are designed in a very effective manner. When the body practices the inverted and forward bending exercises, the body utilizes gravity to promote blood flow and oxygen to our brain which leads to help in our mental efficiency and fosters our mental clarity. At the same time, when we practice seated poses, it helps in calming the body and also soothes our nervous system.

Centers attention and sharpens concentration– Yoga increases our body’s awareness and sharpens our attention and concentration. Yoga helps in forming the ability to concentrate.

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