Yoga to reduce fat from the thighs

reduce thigh fat

Yoga helps in building lean muscles at the same time as cutting down fat. Yoga focuses on breathing techniques and helps in revitalizing the enzymes and hormones to keep the body and all organs functioning properly and cutting down any extra fat that might be building up in the body. These are the five yoga exercises to lose fat from thighs.


  1. Utkatasana

  • This is also known as the Chair Pose. In this, stand straight in Tadasana and lower down your buttocks as if you are sitting in an imaginary chair, extend your hands above the head and stretch as much as you can feel it.
  • This pose exerts pressure on the hips and legs, strengthening them and adding agility and mobility to them.
  1. Virabhadrasana

  • Also known as Warrior Pose II, stand with your feet more than hip-width apart and turn your right foot outward and keep your leg foot straight with a little bit of its arc towards the right foot.
  • Now extend both the arms and bend your legs, such that your right leg is at 90 degrees to the ground. This pose works on the inner thighs which doesn’t get attention and work during normal days.
  1. Natarajasana

  • In this pose, you take your right leg and swing it behind until it is parallel to the ground and then bend the knees.
  • Stretch your right hands and extend so that you’re pulling your right leg towards your body.
  • Now extend the left arms forward, hold it for few seconds and then repeat for the other side. This exercise works on the inner and outer thighs, hips and back. The hips are opened up so that the energy blocked is released and proper blood and nutrient flow are maintained.
  1. Upavistha Konasana

  • Sit in Dandasana and stretch your legs as wide as you can.
  • Now, bend your upper body forward until you feel a stretch in your back and inner thighs and let your head hang.
  • This works amazingly on inner thighs and builds strength and flexibility.
  1. Setu-bandh Asana

  • Lie down on your back and then bend your legs at the knee.
  • Now lift your hips off the ground, keep your shoulders straight and try to touch your ankles with your hand. This stretches, strengthens and releases any energy if is blocked in legs and hips.

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