Tips on how to protect from coronavirus by a senior Ayurveda Doctor – Dr. Parmeshwar Arora

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Here are some tips on how to protect from coronavirus by a senior Ayurveda Doctor at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and lifestyle coach, Dr. Parmeshwar Arora.

how to protect from coronavirus

After two months of lockdown, India is now witnessing the unlock. The coronavirus pandemic appears to be impacting a huge number of people every day, although our health care workers, doctors, nurses, all are trying their best to save people from this pandemic. As there is still no vaccine for treatment of this deadly virus, it is very important that everyone takes responsibility to protect themselves and others around them. Ayurveda, one of the most popular ancient system of healing, has some recommendations to protect yourself from falling prey to this deadly virus. Although there is no scientific proof that these work, but there is no harm in trying to keep ourselves safe.

How to protect from coronavirus

Here are some tips suggested by Dr. Parmeshwar Arora, MD Ayurveda, Senior Consultant, Sir Gangaram hospital, New Delhi. He says, “Rather than discussing on Coronavirus for 10 hours, we only need to spare 10 minutes to perform activities that will save us from coronavirus.”

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The fact is that most people these days are whiling off their time just talking about coronavirus whereas they should be taking the necessary precautions as prescribed by the doctors. Dr. Parmeshwar Arora says that this is more like a situation where a person visiting a religious place does everything but prayer. Here are some tips that he suggested:

First steps on how to protect from Coronavirus. These are being recommended by everyone in the world.

  • Do not be afraid of coronavirus.
  • Do not step outside the house unless it is absolutely needed.
  • Wear a mask at all times.
  • Change your clothes as soon as you enter the house after being outside for whatever work.

How to protect from coronavirus

Dr. Arora said that people should think about the consequences and must act accordingly. He asked people to think about their kids and elderly at home. He also stated the fact that even walking outside the house is risky without a mask and that people who do go outside must try to change their clothes as soon as they enter the house and go straight to the bathroom to clean themselves up. If a person does not follow this, the point of other family members not stepping outside their house is worthless. He further said that we must be bothered about the 20% of the population which have a chance to fall sick of the coronavirus.

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How to protect from coronavirus

Here are Scientific Facts that Dr. Arora mentioned to aware the public about Coronavirus:

  • Coronavirus is a flu virus. It causes fever, cough, throat pain, and chest congestion.
  • The virus is weak. It does not show any symptoms in 80% people.
  • The virus has two ways of entering our system, either through the nose or through the mouth.
  • This virus stays in the mouth for at least 4-5 days, when it multiplies itself. This is why its symptoms show only after 7-14 days. Hence, its important to get hold of the virus early so as to kill it immediately.

How to kill the Coronavirus – how to protect from coronavirus

Here is how to kill the coronavirus before it begins to multiply in our system to stay safe from coronavirus.

  • Drink warm water twice every day. Drinking warm water makes the virus travel to the stomach where stomach acids kill the virus before multiplying.
  • Thrice a day suck either clove (laung), black pepper (kali mirch), or ajwain with rock salt (sendha namak).
  • Before going to bed, gargle with a mixture of turmeric (haldi) and rock salt (sendha namak) in warm water. This will help in killing the virus in the throat.
  • Keep your nose clean by taking steam with turmeric (haldi) and rock salt (sendha namak). This will help in killing the virus in the nose.
  • To boost immunity – Have milk and munakka. If not milk then dip the munakka in water and consume.
  • Assuming that even after all these precautions if the virus reaches the blood, Drink kadha twice a day. This Kadha must consist of Ginger (Adrak), black pepper (kali mirch), Cardamom (badi Elaichi), Long pepper (Pipli), clove (laung), Tulsi, Mulethi, Cinnamon (Dalchini), Giloy. Many companies are selling these kadas ready to be consumed after boiling in water.

How to protect from coronavirus

Dr. Arora added that we must all follow these simple tips and take precautions to protect ourselves and our loved ones. But, in case a person chooses not to follow these tips, they should also be aware that there is no other easy way of getting out of this just like the Spanish Flu which caused deaths in almost every house.

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Disclaimer: These are just the recommendations of the above person and we do not take any responsibility of the above information being 100% correct or effective. If you have any symptoms, visit the doctor immediately and take the treatment as advised by them. These tips may only improve your immunity or help in the stopping the spread of virus.

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